Thrunite Catapult Mini review!


The Catapult mini is an awesome new 18350 thrower from Thrunite. The size and throw is what immediately caught my attention out of box. This little guy packs some serious power for it’s size. It uses an osram KW.CSLNM1.TG paired with a tir reflector which makes this tiny light punch out to 600m at 680 lumens. Amazing!

What’s included in box:

• 2 spare orings

• 18350 battery

• Usb-C Charging cable

• Adjustable lanyard

• Extra charging port cover

Battery and charging:

The Catapult Mini comes with a 1100mah Thrunite branded 18350. It’s easily charged inside the light by the Usb-C cord port. There’s a charging indicator light on the button of the light that will turn red while you’re charging and will turn blue once fully charged.

User interface and specs:

The UI on the mini has the same great UI that Thrunite is known for.

•Single press for on and off

•Hold while on to cycle through Low-Med-High (21Lm/96Lm/235Lm)

•Double click to access turbo(680Lm)

•Hold from off to moonlight (0.5Lm)

As far as the actual light itself. It’s TINY for a thrower. It’s about 3in long and 1.5in wide at the head in diameter and a little under and inch diameter at the tail. This is definitely the smallest thrower in my collection by far and the weight is only a tad over 3 oz.


The TIR optics are really unique in this light, a smooth outside ring with a textured divot in the middle, it’s honestly pretty cool to just look at. The osram plus whatever magic goes into the TIR are what make the mini punch out like a champ. The beam profile is very tight, not much spill at all, basically all focused light.

The tint overall is pretty wonderful for a cool white tint. Compared to some of my other lights around 5000k this doesn’t seem to blue or too cool at all, just almost a perfect white tint, no green or blue. One of the very few cool white tints I like at all, and that says a lot!

Bonus size comparison:

Final thoughts:

Overall this light has been awesome to carry and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for a tiny thrower with a lot of punch. One thing I do hope they do is eventually add an option for an 18650 tube extension just for a bit more options/runtime if wanted. Hope I covered enough for you all.

I don’t see a review.

It’s a mini review.

That’s a micro review. :smiley:

Lol sorry gents. My first time trying to format a post and doing it on mobile. :slight_smile: I’m gonna update with some beamshots tonight

I’ve been fighting the temptation to pull the trigger on this light because I have 3 other lights with the CSLNM1.TG emitter (Lumintop Mini, Micro, and Convoy M2). My thrower inventory has continued to expand > Convoy M21A CSLPM1.TG 6A driver (honestly my favorite Osram thrower), Convoy M21B CULPM1.TG 6A driver, Astrolux EA02 CULPM1.TG FET+1 disaster (burnt emitter segment), and Convoy L21B SFT-40 (friggin’ smoke show…I have yet to turn it loose on a 1K plus target). Also spun the wheel on a Lumintop D2 with the Pursram star. So my “reach out and touch something” itch has been scratched so to speak, but I can’t shake the allure. This little power house and the Wuben E6 have been teasing me. Then Sofirn jumps in the wagon with the IF22/IF22A SFT-40 offerings, and I’m totally waffles.

Thrunite has done some great work, and I really dig the form factor here. What pushes me over the edge with this?

I think it’s just the insanity small size that pushes you over the edge. It’s comically smaller than all the lights you have listed that you own. I opened it up and I was like “wtf” but in a good way haha. It’s just so small and and amazing.

Would you say it’s smaller than the GT Micro? Hard to tell from the pics I’ve seen. You did a great job with the review, and bro, you take some tier 1 photos. Kudos for that.

Thanks bro I appreciate that alot. I do what I can with just a cheap phone camera lol. Also yes, the Catapult mini is an inch shorter than the gtmicro. You meant the micro and not the nano right?

Wait, how did that one slip past me unnoticed?

It looks like a Manker T01 but with an Osram….

Grr, I thought my pocket thrower splurge was over for the year.

As for the Catapult Mini, it’s just a fun light. The no-spill beam coming out of the little body is a hoot.

Update: added some beamshotss and size comparison to some popular lights.

Did you measure your battery voltage after the Catapult Mini indicated the battery charge was complete? ZeroAir reviewed this light and found his battery measured 4.25V… which is undesirable. If anything, would be better for the battery to be slightly undercharged.

Another review from youtube