ThruNite Catapult V3 Vs Olight M3X Triton

Ok I just got done comparing the Catapult V3 against the M3X for throw and brightness at a couple of different yardages of 85yds and 110yds. I'll let you guys be the judge. All were taken on the same settings of ISO200 and focal of 2.8.

Catapult V3 85Yds

Olight M3X 85Yds

Catapult V3 110Yds I'll add I am zoomed in more on this shot vs the same shot with the Olight M3X but I think you should still get the same outcome of which is better.

Olight M3X 110Yds

I'll say olight ftw!

I just took a better picture with the Olight on the shed. Check it out.

Yeah... If only Catapult has Olight reflector ...or Olight would be as hefty as Cat. Then, we would have perfect thrower.

Nice tint on that Olight

Well I took one more with the Catapult V3 on the shed just so I know I was on the shed good to be fair.

And just for grins here is the Trustfire TR-1200 5X Q5 at 85yds.

Bravo ILF for the much awaited cat v3 vs. m3x shootout!. at least for throw the m3x comes on top. hope this revalation would make the big name reviewers do a review on the m3x.

we now have pics showing the m3x, tc40cs and crelant 7G5 topping the question would be whome of the three comes out on top. i know ILF has a 7G5 in his collection.

btw could some one toss in a tk41 in there?i have one here.hehe

Definitely the M3X.

Thanks buddy. I have a Crelant 7G5 coming. So we will have a M3X Crelant 7G5 showdown. I plan on getting a Sunwayman T40CS maybe for Christmas if I am a good boy. I probably won't get it until after Christmas though. It all depends on how much money Santa gives me. But hopefully we will find out which XM-L is the king of throw. It's going to take a lot to beat the Olight M3X.