Thrunite: Daily flashlight giveaway

Quick Heads up

Thrunite are giving away one free Tis flashlight per day!

Thanks for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

Another forum to join.

is not moving. Many sections are still empty with zero posts. Needs mighty lot of support .

Thanks for sharing.I entered

That is normal.

An extremely expensive product will naturally tend to have an extremely small customer base, of which, naturally, a relatively small percentage will be interested enough to commune together to talk about their experiences. Unless they’re having unresolved problems.

The product-a-day giveaway hints at a sense of desperation that an inventory-accelerating price cut wouldn’t cure. As with most such events, the earliest participants get the best schwag. I only hope it doesn’t become a forum full of posts about the free giveaways! If I win one, I promise to give it a fair review with the best pictures I can take. (hint, hint…) :heart_eyes:

I thought I read a post saying they had reset or something. So that may be why there aren’t so many posts.

I would imagine that a forum dedicated to one brand/store would not be frequented as often. Thrunite should just sponsor forums like BLF and CPF instead of having their own forum. If they want to have user input on their products, they should let users write reviews on each product page in the store. Like how dx and fasttech do.

Thrunite did try to buy a banner here on BLF (they do have a manufacturers’ slot on CPF). Alas, they got themselves banned, and Mr Admin refused to have anything to do with them.

Their forum certainly isn’t simply dedicated to Thrunite products, and they have added a few new sections recently.

I quit going there after they changed their format.

That’s too bad. I guess it’s just another forum to check in on - so many forums, so little time. I don’t own any Thrunite products, but maybe I will once the giveaways start :slight_smile:

Thrunite lights were the inexpensive yet quality last year. After that 50% drop in prices then of course.

There used to be more posts, they’ve had to revamp the site a few times. They lost posts along the way

For some reason it only shows posts in the last 30 days, I had to change settings but it shows all posts now.

Thanks for sharing. Won one today.

Signed up! I don’t see posting there much though.