Thrunite mini TN30

I’m new to the high tech flashlight world and after waiting for a month to receive my flashlight I think I ruined it. I was very excited and while charging the 4 new 18650 batteries, I used 8-cr123 batteries. I had read that they were interchangeable, and they might be in certain situations but it didn’t work out so well here. After only a second the LEDs were flickering and I quickly unscrewed the lower section and could smell something wasn’t right. Big buildup for a quick question…. In the event I can’t send it back and have it replaced, what component should I look at trying to replace? Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated

That's a damned shame, my friend. The Mini TN30 is not designed for CR123 use - 18650 only. Not sure where you heard otherwise but definitely not on their site. :(

Mine makes just over 4000 OTF lumens (NW emitters, too) and is an amazing little light.

You probably fried the driver and possibly the emitters. That light uses 4 18650’s in series (16.8v). The safe operating voltage is listed as 10.5v - 17v. By using 8 CR123a’s, you gave the driver 24v.

Hopefully they will replace it for you.

I have had success previously getting drivers from Thrunite. You might be able to try that. Otherwise I believe they will fix it for you but they will charge you for it. How much though I’m not sure…