Thrunite Neutron 2C (new release - ramping UI)

Thrunite just announced a new light with multiple battery options. It has the ramping interface found in their TH20 headlamp. I like the UI so much I was going to email them to suggest they put in in the Archer. I also really like the ability to use shorter batteries.

You mean like the previous Neutron 1A and 2A models? I imagine if this sells, they might bring those back. It’s a little long compared to most side-switch 18650 lights, but the UI sounds pretty good, and onboard charging of standard batteries is a nice touch.

The deep carry clip is a huge plus :smiley:

I’m new to lights this year, so I don’t know about those models.

On this light I also like the rechargeable feature and deep pocket carry clip. I thought it a little bizarre that the ramping starts at 12 lumens but with this much range it would take a long time to ramp up to high for a lower level. I find on my TH20 I frequently use just a handful of lumens. I’d still like an archer with the same levels as my headlamp.

This is what I was thinking. I got excited when I saw Thrunite side switch 18650, but it’s the same length as my EagleEye X2R which has tail clicky and usb charging. I really like my TN4A, I want something just like that but in 18650. This light could have been made shorter, if it was I’d buy it instantly. I still might. As djburkes said, the clip is a nice touch.

The light will turn on in the last mode accessed, except firefly, turbo and strobe.

That killed any interest I had.

Firefly and turbo are directly accessible from off.

Single click to turbo?

Not from the information I'm reading.

Yeah that’s not the greatest. I’d prefer if there was some way to start at the lowest mode on a light like this.

OK. But this Thrunite has better illumination than Eagle Eye X2R.
Also better quality, better efficiency and protected battery fits well. Of course and price is higher.

I like my Klarus XT1C / XT2C lights in the same form

For sure, Thrunite is great and they make my favorite light (TN4A HI). I wasn’t comparing anything about those two lights besides the size/length. Both are brighter than I really need, so it’s really only size I’m thinking about. And X2R quality is good, and fits protected battery, so works for me. I only mention it because that is the light that this Neutron would replace for me, not because they are similar at all.

I really like my two Thrunites a lot and would choose Thrunite over the X2R if they offered a side switch 18650 light that was smaller. I wish more brands made smaller side switch 18650 lights.


I would also prefer that the minimum and maximum modes be part of the ramping range, but the shortcuts mitigate it.

I love this interface on both my headlamp and Tn4a. The TN4A isn’t continuous ramping but the effect is similar. I can understand why someone would always want to start in firefly or turbo. But to have a memory mode, plus quick access to both extremes from off, is pretty nice. It’s certainly my preference.

Mine as well. Quick access to both the lowest mode and highest mode from off, and memory of a mode in the middle of those, covers any need I have.

TN4A from off is:

Click and hold to Moon
Double click to Turbo
Single click to last mode (Low/Med/High)



Smaller side swich 18650 light means to put shorter reflector or TIR optic.



Yes, I’m aware.

But some of these lights could be a little shorter without affecting that too much, if they are designed differently.



I was kind of thinking. I like deep reflector lights, in throwers, but I like floody lights too.

That brings the thought to my mind. Has anyone incorporated, say a 3 LED TIR, recessed deeply into a reflector lens thrower?

It sounds intriguing. I wonder of the performance?

I thought someone here had done something like that, wasn’t super deep but deeper than the average triple TIR. I’m trying to recall what thread it was.