Thrunite Story Video Contest

I’m not sure if this sort of post is allowed or not - I haven’t created this contest, I just thought other people might want to hear about it. Mods, please feel free to move or delete.

Thrunite is running a video contest this week they’d like to hear stories from Thrunite users about their experiences with Thrunite flashlights. It’s sort of a two level contest they’ll pick their favorite videos from all the submissions, and those people will win a Ti4 or Ti5 (they haven’t said how many of those there will be). Once they pick their favorites, Youtube viewers will vote on one overall winner, who will receive a Thrunite TN36 package, which includes the light as well as four 18650 batteries and a charger.

I know a lot of flashaholics don’t like social media or creating accounts, but if you’re already a Youtube user it might be a fun/easy way to try to win a flashlight. The only downside is the time frame - submissions are due by January 31st.

Unfortunately, the rules aren’t posted anywhere - Thrunite has asked their various expert reviewers post the rules on their Youtube channels. If you do a search for “Thrunite Video Contest” on Youtube you’ll see that several channels have posted videos about the contest and how to enter it. I submitted a video last night, & Thrunite promptly sent me an e-mail asking which channels I had watched to find out about the contest. I think this is basically a marketing study on the “reach” of their various reviewers. Thrunite gives away a lot of review samples, so I guess they want to see which ones are really working for them.

I know that sounds convoluted & most of you probably won’t want to do all that, but hey, it’s a chance to win a TN36!

I guess my video got chosen as an entry in the contest - I haven’t heard anything official from Thrunite (other than the fact that they received my submission), but it’s on their Youtube channel now, so I guess it’s official.

I currently own 3 Thrunite flashlights - a TiS, a T10t, and a TN4A. My video entry is rather simple, I just showed what I like about each light & why I chose each particular model. If you’re interested in hearing about any of those lights, please check out the following link:

My Thrunite Youtube Video

I’d appreciate at “thumbs up” vote if you liked my video - the entry with the most votes wins a TN36 from Thrunite. If I win the light I’ll do a side-by-side comparison with the TN4A, which I think would be interesting.

Ummmmm :open_mouth: are we a special breed ? If that were the case, we wouldn’t be on here or have PayPal accounts, fb accounts, photobucket ( or similar ) accounts, accounts with many sellers etc etc.

Needless to say I don’t understand what you mean ?

I think he might be referring to comments made by a number of posters over the past couple of years. There are a few in here who don't take kindly to specials, deals, giveaways or contests that require "likes" "shares" and other social media interaction in order to participate. There certainly are valid concerns regarding this type of "marketing" and they have every right to be skeptical or dismissive.

The topic pops up from time to time.

Having said that, the OP's video review was better than a lot I've seen.

Yeah, this. I wasn’t sure if it was okay to post about entry into contests and stuff, but the few threads I could find basically said what Gadabout stated - many people don’t like creating social media accounts, particularly to enter contests. The comments on Youtube for the contest announcement said basically the same thing, over and over again - “You want me to go through all that just to win a flashlight?”

Personally, I’m a flashaholic enough to think the TN36 is a really interesting flashlight, but “budget minded” enough that I’d never be willing to spend that much money on one, so for me it was worth it. And I like talking about flashlights, & appreciate it when others post their opinions & reviews, so I thought it would be fun.

Thank you! I admit I’m terrible at making videos, but I’m glad it was at least tolerable. :slight_smile:

Hah, would have loved to have done this if it wasn’t for the fact I only just saw this thread and that I’m without a PC for the next couple weeks.