ThruNite T10 1-AA w/Firefly mode, $17.95 Christmas Special

Was $29.95 then $19.95. Christmas special dropped 2 more bucks.
Now, $17.95 ! Great Deal, [IMHO anyway].

- Cree XP-G LED R5

- Three mode with memory;

- Hi 115 lm, 1.5 hr.

- Lo 9 lm, 39 hr.

- firefly 0.09 lm 147 hours Tested with Ni-mh battery with 2500mAh capacity.

- one 1.5V AA battery (Ni-MH, alkaline ) 14500 not recommended.

- 17-gram weight (excluding batteries).

- Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum.

- Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

- Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard.

- Toughened double ultra-clear glass lens.

- Reliable twist switch.

- Candle mode (Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle).

- Accessories: key ring.

  • Size: 81x17mm.

ThruNite T10 Link

Probably a nice deal but not for me :(. They seem to ship to a very limited number of countries.

The T10 is maybe the best light or the best buy in its class!!

I got that crapolah one time previously, I’m using Opera now, dunno if that matters but my order went through for $17.95.

Great light..

saw this the other day on thrunites site also .

Doing a t-10 search because I thought i saw it somewhere for 15$ and was off to buy another one .

Please tell if you find it for $15 Boaz :slight_smile:

Really like my T10 clone from FT, “X-Power Spirit HA-III Cree XP-G R5” but it’s about $20. Wasn’t able to place an order for the T10 because of the $29.95 limit.

Tnx for this, i’ll be ordering one :slight_smile:

I’ve tried FF and IE. Minimum order of 29.95 for both. Maybe it’s for my own best. I’ve already bought enough flashlights this month.

If anyone is on-the-fence about getting this one, just do it! The T-10 is one of the best AA lights around. Nice knurling, classic simple design that just works, a low low of .09 Lm, and a nice last-mode memory. If I wasn’t already waiting for two other nice AA lights to arrive I would be getting a couple more of these for gifts. And if by now you’re getting the impression that I like this light, you would be right! :smiley:

I’m sick of this message:

I’ve never been able to buy on that page, they do not send to my country …

Tomas, I think Thrunite sells them with worldwide shipping at Ebay, a bit more expensive though. Otherwise try the “X-Power Spirit HA-III Cree XP-G R5” from Fasttech, it should be an exact copy of the T10 and works very well.

Has this still a first gen xpg?

Be aware just eneloops and unprotected or very thin protected cells fit in this light!
I have the saber1A and have to suffer on this always…

X-Power Spirit it is!


US $22.50 with free shipping on ebay from them if someone can’t order from that web store…

Ehh, wish it was a xp-g2.

I use the Paisen protected 14500 and they fit fine. I have a concern that unprotected cells (especially imr’s) might fry the boost driver in this light so I stick to low drain cells.

Thanks. I wanted to order and saw they have a “Make Offer” option on the listing.

Does anyone know the lowest price they will accept? I put in an offer of 20$ but it said I have to wait up to 48hrs to get a reply…maybe I should just buy it now…

Went with the eBay option and put through a bid of US$20 which was accepted. I now have a T10 on its way to me.

Thanks - I put in 20$ and it was automatically accepted. Thanks to OP for posting this deal, looks like a very nice light and I really like the AA.

Man, what fast shipping. I got mine a couple of days ago, haven’t had time to post…

This thing is TINY, never seen a AA light so small, it’s barely larger in diameter than the cell.

Works great in NiMh’s
Powerful medium @ 10L~ [they call it Lo instead of medium]
A huge Blast from the high.
Usable firefly, in a dark room it’s very decent up to 10-15’
Will tailstand, if ya aren’t too shaky
Comes with ring for attaching a lobster claw.
Tiny, did I say that already ?

The damn thing wasn’t’ free :slight_smile:

Really love T10. Already have two. Wish they have NW option.