Thrunite T3

The Thrunite T3 features the Luminus SST-40 emitter in cool white, which is rated for 2250 lumens on turbo. The beam profile is very balanced with decent throw thanks to the deep smooth reflector. Overall it’s a nice beam profile for an edc / general use light. Included in the package is a 4000 mah 21700 battery, holster, usb c cable, spare o-rings, lanyard, spare usb cover, and the dual direction pocket clip. I tried a flat top 21700 battery that did not fit in the light as it was too short. Inside the tailcap is a spring on the negative side and a metal contact on the positive side to make battery contact.

The T3 features onboard charging via USB-C. The rubber charging port is located on the side of the light which fits securely in place. The switch button is a transparent rubber that is similar to that found on the T1. The switch button also acts as a battery indicator to show battery status when the light is on. Blue is fully charged and red means the battery needs to be charged. The light design has been updated with new knurling style as seen on the T1s and TH30V2. The knurling looks very nice and feels well in hand. The included dual direction pocket clips attaches securely and provides a perfectly deep carry in the pocket.

The UI is very simple as its a ramping user interface. A single press turns the light onto the last used mode. When in ramping, holding down the switch will slowly ramp to a higher or lower brightness. A double click from on or off will activate the 2250 lumen turbo mode. A triple click will activate strobe. You can activate lock out mode if you hold the switch when in moonlight mode, another hold when off will unlock the light. The high mode (infinity high) is rated for 1077 lumens with a runtime of 40 seconds until it steps down to 605 lumens for 180 minutes. Infinity low is rated at 37 lumens for about 58 hours.

The Luminus SST-40 does experience a little tint shift and appears green on lower levels. Overall I am very pleased with the T3 with the balance between spot, flood, and overall output.

Things I like:

  • 21700 form factor
  • Included battery
  • Balanced beam profile between spot and flood

Things I don’t like:

  • Cannot cycle from moonlight to regular modes
  • Tint shift