Thrunite Ti twisty head keeps coming off

I’ve had a Thrunite Ti keychain light for about five years. The problem I’m having recently is the twisty head has started coming off in my pocket. If I try to tighten it, of course, the light comes on!

How can I get the head to fit snugly enough that it doesn’t work itself off?

sounds like the o-ring is getting worn and loose. ( it may need to be replaced) i had a similar light that got loose, and fixed it with a thin single wrap of Teflon plumbers tape strip on the threads, it tightened up so it dont come loose or turn on in a pocket.

It took a double wrap, but this seems to work. Thanks!

I really like this little flashlight. With a 14500 battery it puts out an amazing amount of light.

your welcome. threads do wear loose on heavily used twistie flashlights, the pipe tape trick usually works.

Good tip! Thanks!

I still have these from 2012 and really like the form factor and finish. I was thinking of adding some more punch to it by using it on 10440.

Unfortunately I dont own any of the LiIon batteries so I will have to buy a battery and charger for it. Any suggestions?


Only the obvious; get the batteries and a charger.
It will open up new possibilities.

One poster mentions using a 14500, and another a 10440.
My guess is the AA sized 14500 was a typo?

And… I never knew the Ti3 could handle the higher power. I assume each mode is a bit brighter, or does it only kick in on High?