Thrunite Ti3

Been running a L3 L08 nichia on my keys for a number of months now and just was never happy with the fairly cool tint for the 219A emitter. Despite the 9x+ CRI it always felt like colors were just washed out with the cool tint. Today I took out a couple Thrunite lights I’ve had sitting in their boxes. The Thrunite Ti AAA had its XPL reflowed to a LH391D (which offers a surprising amount of flood). I was going to use another LH351D in a Ti3 but after testing out the original XPG2 NW emitter decided to keep it. Almost identical tint and perceived CRI to my Malkoff M61NL (4000k 80cri rated). What a great little light! Excellent tint, excellent mode spacing, excellent anodizing and threads. Plus its probably the smallest AAA light I’ve had. Lacks some of the better heat sinking the L3 offered but the lightweight it part of the appeal.

BTW, those Titanium Thrunites are silly easy to mod. Just plan to reflow as the original mcpcb is drilled to accept the reflector holder. Significant lack of heat sinking and the ti doesn’t help that. I did use some arctic silver on the pill threads to allow whatever heat transfer is possible to happen…

The L3 L10/L11 have that same MCPCB and gasket, or ones remarkably similar, and i assume the L08 would have them as well. It’s just tricky to get the head apart without affecting the threads and/or scratching the head.

Liked the Ti AAA so much that I had Vinh do a complete rebuild on copper. Couldn’t live with the next mode memory on the V2. Now it’s a programmable high CRI little rocket. In pocket most days.

Venice, Very cool! I actually like the UI on these Thrunites, though the 10sec timer could be shorter (not sure if thats what you meant by NMM?). My only gripe would be the gritty threads on the Ti… not sure why, either, as the T10T that I had was very smooth so I know they can do it…

The V2 Ti versions had NMM meaning if it turned off on med, it would come on on high. Never returned to FF. Never knew, or remembered, which mode would come on.

Ouch, definitely a deal breaker! Glad I grabbed a few when I did.

I’ve recently replaced my lost TiS with a brand new Ti3 V2, it works just as the old one did so no nmm or at least not anymore.

Anybody have any tips for forcing on the pocket clip? I finally decided to start using at least one of the two Ti3’s I bought on sale last year……and I cannot seem to be able to force on the pocket clip by hand. I’ve scratched off some anodizing where the clip goes, but the clip is not going on the light. Do I have to use a pair of pliers wrapped in cloth?

I’m not disappointed that the clip will be tight when it is on the light, but getting it on there is not easy.

I got the clips on all 5 I got and don’t remember any drama.

I just used a pair of pliers wrapped in a towel to force on the clip. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by the application of brute force, right? :wink:

Right. I may have used pliers can’t remember.

agree, the V2 are good
earned a place on my keyring
after an LED swap
also switched to a nice diffusion TiR

(pic is a link to tutorial how to mod)

Where does one get the optic? Have you seen 14500 size?

there is a link in this post
thanks to moderator007

suggest you ask his thoughts on AA size