Thrunite Tis $6.95 + ship

Normally $13.95 at Thrunite Store , currently on sale for $6.95 plus shipping ($2.07 USPS).

Of course, as previous posters have mentioned, you can also enter to win a Tis every day at Thrunite Forum .

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Even though this a very good deal the Ti2 is a much brighter light. They claim only 21 more lumens but it seems like a lot more.

Still worth a look though because they make great gifts.

ordered 3. thank you for the heads-up

Oh well…

To Spain ….we can’t ship to your location :_(

Not shipping to the UK either.

No shipping to Germany, too.

But its nice how they say:

“Please choose a different adress”

Ok, lets just buy 2 and ship them to a ramdom location … o_O

If it ships to only ONE of the 196 countries in the world, it would be nice to mention it in the product description and not after the person has filled out all the contact details. :Sp

What’s the point of listing all countries if they deliver only to handful of them!!!

No shipment to Malaysia either, so if you’re from here no need to bother.

no shipping to neighbor of Malaysia too :frowning:
I remember my friend bought directly from this store once and they can ship to our country.

what will happen if one just add item to cart and checkout directly with Paypal checkout?
(normal checkout can’t be proceeded).

No shipping to France too. it was a good price

It does not work, they take your address from PayPal and give you an error saying the same thing

To me, the bigger issue is that the Tis also has only one mode, while the Ti and Ti2 have two modes. Still, as you said, they make great gifts, and for $7 each you could leave one pretty much anywhere.

For those of you outside the US, Thrunite has an eBay store as well. They’re selling the Tis there for
13.99 or best offer, free “Worldwide” shipping. So, it’s possible they’ll take lower offers to match their current website price. Note: they still won’t ship to Germany, the UK, or Taiwan.

No shipping to Indonesia as well.
Well, not my lucky night.

I ordered two, I like the throw for the size of the original ti

Thrunite is slowly creating different websites for different zones of the world. will be aimed at USA and Canada.

Do you believe this is causing problems for vendors like you?
I mean, when the producer is making business in an aggressive way, this is trouble for you?

Today I purchased a Tis from eu store, price 6.95€ + 2.99€ (currency usd=euro???)

Winter is coming, bitches!

I don't quite understand, we don't carry ThruNite products. Are you asking if releasing inexpensive products takes business away from us?