Thrunite TN30 PROBLEM

Hi Everyone,

I have had this Thrunite TN30 for three years, using this thing very actively for work on a daily basis. Yesterday I recharged the EagleTac 18650’s i use for it switched it on, and basically, its very faint, barely visible to the eye, you can tell it switches on but its just slightly visible, it doesn’t matter which mode you select, the output stays the same, which tells me that the LED’s are probably fine(although i might be wrong), I tested the batteries with another light, they work fine as well.

I’m based in the UK, London, so sending it off to china + repair fee will cost approximately the same as what it will cost to buy a new Thrunite TN30 MINI.

Any ideas on what to do with it? or how to approach this problem?

All the help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You :slight_smile: