Thrunite TN31 ( Picture Heavy )

Let’s see , where to start with this light? The size & brightness of this light make it one of , if not my favorite. It almost seems to me as a ‘bridge’ light between the monster throwers & the smaller EDC lights. It’s 8 inches long & fairly light for it’s size. ( No pun intended ) .There is a clicky to turn it on & a magnetic ring to cycle thru the six lumen settings. The settings range from .05 Lumens ( Moonlight mode ) to 1147 lumens. It has a ‘Standby’ selection on the ring along with ‘Strobe’. 8 different modes in all. The thing that really stands out is the depth of the reflector. It is very deep, deeper that any of my other lights. This allows the light to be a very competent contender in the ‘Throw’ venue.

Box & Light

The reflector

The TN31 breaks down into three parts. Head, Barrel, & Battery Carriage



Battery Carrier

80 Feet 1147 lumens.

All in all a great medium sized flashlight. The only wrinkle I have had was the battery carrier. It wasn’t quite tightened the way it should have been. Following others advice, I took it apart used some metal polish & contact cleaner. Making sure to tighten everything putting it back together. Haven’t had a issue since. These Lights can be found at very economical prices. They are well worth it in my opinion.

Dale, I'm pretty sure the tailcap also comes off.

Hi Dale, have you tried removing the tail cap on your TN31 yet? Lot’s of us has tried and can’t get it to budge. Thanks

Conan the barbarian tightened this one. I have cranked hard on it and it wont break free…

LOL… I’m not sure there is a tailcap… Short of a pipe wrench? That puppy isnt budging.

I contacted them and they said it was loctited on, which makes no sense at all!!

I have bent 3 screwdrivers trying to remove it.

If it isn’t broke, dont fix it…. Being that tight, I will let it be. That is till I have to remove it.

Ya, that’s what I ended up saying also. :wink:

TN31 looking good!

Oh yes!!! Great light!!!

Thanks Dale… TN31’s Rock!!


If it jams, force it. If it breaks, it needed fixing, anyway. J)

If you want to get loctite off, you have to heat the metal. That's about the only way to get loctite free. Just don't heat till the ano changes color unless you want a gold light, LOL. Heat and turn. It will come off.

Probably a little hard on the plastic switch and parts :wink: