Tiablo A9 or Solarforce Skyline I

Never seen an R2? My friend, you need to go grab a linger special Q2 from Nailbender, and some good diffusion film off the Marketplace. (Not really, but its bound to be pretty damn good)

Has Looked photo ,there XR-E

manafof is good shop,but technical information it is necessary to write literate

Never heard of an XP-G R2. I have XR-E and XP-E R2s aplenty. Until I looked at brted's list I didn't know Cree even made them.

Nailbenders options for XPG are:

Q23000K 7A3 (90 minimum CRI) NEW
Q3 3000 7C1 (85 minimum CRI)
Q4 2900k 8A4 tint
Q5 3000k 7A3 , 7B4 tint
R3 4000k 5C2
R4 4000k 5B3 tint /5B2
R4 5000k 3C tint
R5 6500k - 1B / 1A / 1T tints

Bins are just Cree's way of sorting LED's, as led's coming off production next to each other vary widely.

I've got a Skyline 1 and I kind of regret buying it, I think I should have spent the little extra and got the Masterpiece Pro-1 instead.


В than reason of regret?

The Sklyline 1 has a really badly chosen driver, it works much better on 2xcr123's than on an 18650. The problem is that you can't choose rechargable cr123's as the voltage would be too high.

So the obvious choice is then to change the driver, but it's very much harder to do that than in most lights.

If the XM-L I ordered from KD ever turns up the Skyline is getting a bit of an upgrade :)

Be sure to post pics when you do, I would love to turn my Skyline into a Foyline Pook XM-L.