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I’ve watched this forum as a lurker for a while now. While looking over your shoulders so to speak, I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge here and all your posts. Joining this forum is possibly a dangerous move for me because I am a bit of a flashaholic myself and I like to mod things. But as they say, admitting the problem is the first step. And I was watching anyway.

Because of this list I am a proud owner of a BLF A6 3D tint flashlight. And 2 Astrolux S1’s in A1 tint. And soon to be the owner of a BLF X6-SE V2. I picked the BLF A6 because I’m in maintenance and it’s simply the best EDC light I’ve ever seen. Especially in the 18350 size. It clips on the outside of a shirt pocket (where pens usually go) perfectly! Not too heavy, and you can still have a pen there too. So thanks for the great design folks! :GRADE:


First step to what? Surely emptying the wallet for starters.


If you are in maintenance, and use your lights up close, get one with a warm emitter. The reduced glare is very nice and the warmer tints are easy on the eyes…

5A to 7D is the range I am talking about… 2700K-4000K…

Our apologies to your wallet as well… Lol

Welcome to BLF :slight_smile:

Welcome to the land of group buys!

Welcome to the forum, Joe!

When you have the chance, may I suggest that you update your profile with your location.

It makes discussions go a little smoother when we know where people are coming from. This is an international forum. :wink:

Me, if you click my name, you’ll see that I’m from Hawaii. Aloha e komo mai!

It's nice of you to join us, MadisonJoe!

Thanks for the tip.

Yes the A1 tint is very harsh but also works quite well for some things like shining through PVC drain pipes to see if there is a blockage without taking them apart. :slight_smile:
Not to mention a bit of shock and awe factor from the small 18350 setup of the light. }:slight_smile:

I unfortunately sent my 3D tint LED in my BLF to an early grave with a de-doming. I did well with the first try but couldn’t leave well enough alone. I went back to “clean” the LED just a little more and…. Oops. I killed it. Live and learn. I had fun anyway.

I have been looking for a replacement Preferably pre mounted on a Noctigon/copper base. I don’t want to reflow and center a new one.
would this work?

CREE XP-L HI U5 4000K LED on Noctigon 16mm MCPCB (no de-doming needed)

Or Is there a bigger better upgrade LED that can be put in this puppy instead? Lots of new LED’s since this light came out.

I’m also planning to post in the light mod section because I have a crazy idea of putting a
Cree MT-G2 Q0 5000K 6V LED on 16mm Noctigon Copper MCPCB
with a QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP driver
and the BLF A6 / Convoy S2 as a host with 2 well matched 18350 battery’s for the higher voltage.
Don’t know if it’s been done. or if the LED will fit the reflector. Etc.



Ok folks,
I’m still on a learning curve here. In my last 2 posts I just hit reply under the post I as replying to assuming it would put my reply directly under the post . Perhaps indented just under. But it doesn’t look like that is the way it’s set up. Is hitting “quote” the best way to directly reply to a post?


Welcome to BLF!

That's what I do. ;)

Welcome! :slight_smile:

The one you linked to would be a good start…. See what you think about warmer colors. What is it about the XPL HI that you like so much?

Warmer XPL HI in 7C
or also available in a 7D if you can reflow them onto the original board. I have a 7C in my Bare BLF A6, my campfire light… almost no glare back at ya!

Your mods sound spectacular, I will be looking for that build thread…

I’m not locked in to the high Kelvin levels other than the bright wow factor. Or De-Domed LED’s I most likely will go with a warmer light for a replacement for my EDC at work. Thanks. I put that example up as one of the first I could find on “Mountain Electronics”. BTW, It was the lowest Kelvin light they listed there in that size and type. I was partly just verifying if the 16mm size was correct and the Noctigon as a good match to what was in the BLF A6 without spelling it out :stuck_out_tongue: . The de-doming was more of an experiment to see the changes others talked about here. It was ok but not enough of a difference to prefer it. And I knew the downside would be less than $10 if I failed. Sometimes you just got to try stuff. As far as I know from what I have seen here reflowing a LED properly requires pre heating and cooling. I’ve never done it and wouldn’t be against tying. But the best I could do for pre heat is something like a clothes iron flipped over. As far as cool down just shut off the iron and wait. And there is the centering too but I assume by eye would be good enough for that. For the few bucks more a pre mounted is fine with me. Any links for warmer 16mm copper base LED’s in the XP-L class range. Or preferred supplier’s of LED’s so I can see what more is out there and learn as I surf. I was going with “Mountain Electronics” because it was handy and I was also looking at hosts for mods at the time. I really like the site. It’s easy to surf and always gives related products to what you are looking like what LED’s and drivers will fit the host you are looking at. I would love to know some of the preferred suppliers that are used by forum members. And why.


Zelco,e to the foru,1
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Welcome to the forum! (this is the first thing I typed today hence the default French setting on the keyboard lol)

Welcome to BLF!

Heh, story of my life. I made an account but lurked for over a year before I started posting for real.

Welcome at last! <:-)