Tint vs CRI?

I got my BLF Mini at Christmas, this is my first LED ‘Neutral’ tint torch.

It’s definitely a warmer tint than all of my other LED lights and it doesn’t seem to have the green colour as reported by some. But I’m not convinced by the CRI and colour rendering of it, in fact I’d say it’s worse than all of my other LEDs pretty much and miles behind an incan light.

I can’t quite pin what it is, but I think it makes everything a little too yellow (with a touch of brown). It certainly makes things look a different colour to what they do in daylight or under any of my other LEDs.

Is this normal for CREE NW’s?

Pretty normal I would say.
Whites , and actually most colors,will have a hue, at least with my two NW’s.

CRI has nothing to do with tint. CRI also has nothing to do with how well you can distinguish colors.

The CRI of a light only tells you how well it renders colors compared to a black-body radiator of equal kelvin temperature.

In otherwords, it is possible to have an 8000K extremely cool (blue) white light that has a CRI of 95 or higher… Even with the 95 CRI rating, it would still render colors like crap to your eyes…

The only LED’s I’ve ever seen that render well (to my eye) are the Nichia 219 and the higher CRI Bridgelux arrays. I rank CREE pretty low for color accuracy, to be honest…


Cheers. Have to say based on this experience I personally wouldn’t likely opt for NW again over CW, certainly not if it was a cost option.

My Trustfire Z8 is shockingly white (almost cold blue in tint) and is probably the worst tint I’ve got, although you sort of get used to it after a while. But all of my other torches seem to render colours far better than the NW Mini does :frowning: