Tiny Keyring Light at Manafont

This is tiny and under half the price it is elsewhere. Note that the Manafont spec is probably wrong. Its almost certainly an XP-E R2 so should be quite throwy for a keychain light.

Today has been a bad day for my wallet and it’s only 0731 hrs

At the rate we all spend around here it will soon be called the Bankruptcy Light Forum. Just think of yourself as the advance guard..............lol

It was a 1-mode when i ordered it last week, now it is a 3 mode.

I wonder what they have sent to me today?

The 3-mode H/M/L without strobe or SOS would be even better for me, but i will have to wait till it gets here...

Well well, is this a new one or has this been around for longer?

Looks very budget.

I just ordered this Tank007 at DX for about $9 with a clicky.


I can't tell...is the one from Manafont a clicky or twisty?

That are two different lights.

The Tank007 tk701 from DX is a clicky

The Tank007 E09 from MF is a twisty

How come every light on MF looks like a warm one??

I've got it today.

Compared to the Fenix LD01 SS version Q5 it is a little brighter on high, mid is about the same, low is much lower than the Fenix (the Fenix is 80/27/10 lumens, i used nimh AAA batteries). The Tank007 E09 has mode memory, the Fenix always starts in mid-mode.

It is shorter than the Fenix, diameter is the same. The threads on the head are very long (almost 8 turns), that way the head does not fall off when the flashlight is in your pocket.

Build quality is very good, it is a Tank007 with Fenix quality and a much lower price than a LD01. It comes in a nice plastic box with a lanyard and 2 spare O-rings.

That sounds like a glowing recommendation.....

Runtime on high with 800mAh nimh = 23 minutes (capacity tested with Maha MH-C9000 charger). After that it stays on but it is not very bright.

Thanks for the comparison to the LD01, Ive always wanted an LD01 but its like $40, this one is only $15 so it looks like a good deal after reading your comments.

I can't wait until I receive mine after hearing what you have to say about the E09. My order from Manafont shipped out on October 31st, when did you order yours?

Also, I ordered a protected 10440 to test with this light as well. Have you had a chance to try yours out with anything else besides the Nimh?


I ordered mine on october 21 st and it arrived yesterday. Honk Kong Post seems to be very slow lately (orders from Manafont usually ship the next day, i have an order at DX that is in packaging for 16 days, and another order is still "order recieved" after 18 days...).

I have only tried it with nimh batteries, i don't have 10440 lithium-ion batteries. It gets very warm on high with a nimh battery, but not too hot to destroy the led. With lithium-ion batteries you will have to be carefull not to use it too long because there is not that much thermal mass (maybe you can put it in a glass of water to keep it cool...).

How is the PWM flicker?