TIR L2M 18500 build

So now that I’m back from school I’ve started to do some building. Excuse the crappy photography. The first build I am attempting is a “drop-in” for a solarforce l2m. The idea behind the drop-in is use a TIR optic to shorten up the unit so I can fit an 18500 battery.

- DrJones lupodrv (1.4A)

- 22mm Copper round

- 16mm sinkpad

- XML-2 4000k

- Carlo optic

- AR lens

  • l2m (l2t head and tail + GITD boot)

Started with this:

I then used a hacksaw to cut off a ~4mm thick section:

Sanded and polished:

Same with the sinkpad:

Reflowed and wires attached:

Getting ready to AA:

AAed to the pill:

the finished drop-in that allows me to change optics. It’s a bit messy/crude but it works.


Very nice. I like the L2m in shorty mode. Where did you source the copper bar stock?

Thanks, the copper I got from onlinemetals. They have promotions everyonce in awhile too.

You have built a very nice light skyrider1. Very creative for a first up build. Are you happy with the way the light works with your chosen TIR? They come in lots off different angles for outputting the light.

Nice .

That is sweet. I love the polished Brasso pictures! Super nicely done.

So how do you like the beam with the TIR optic?

What is the beam like and how bright is it compared to T6?



I’m using a Carclo TIR, or trying to use it:


but, I’ve been having trouble trying to center the lens. How are you centering the lens in your build?

Is the black TIR lens housing loose in the flashlight housing?

The black housing was centered and glued to the star.

I have 3 carlco floody/frosted optics and went with the least/most throwy as it had very good flood too. The beam is nice and wide and lights up a large area evenly.

I have not made an XML-2 T6 to compare it with but will soon. Tint is definitely warmer than my XML T6 3C. The color rendering is quite nice too, even compared to my nichia219.

Ahh. I don’t think anyone responded directly to my post #9, but maybe that (the optic holder) will fix my centering problem. It’s on it’s way here, but probably won’t arrive until next week.

Thanks for the info,