TK70 Diffuser wanted

Hey Guys. Any suggestions for making a DIY diffuser on my TK70 that would fit nicely? I basically just want to nerf the throw and extend the flood width. I used a Kleenex the other day which worked fine, though not very elegant. Also got some grief from the wife about using kleenex on my 200 dollar light…

I am thinking best bet would be a cap of something like a cocoa mix or whatever. Something that is opaque and happens to be about the right size to be able to put over the end and stay on its own.

Anyone happen to find something like that, or have other suggestions to make it work? I want to be able to make it fairly easy to take on and off.

I’ll do 1 bump to see if I get any attention.

TK70 head is 106mm diameter. I can’t think of anything that big. Maybe check in the kitchen or supermarket?

Have you tried DC-Fix ? PM me with your shipping info, and I'll send you some to play with. If the beam comes out the way you like it, then a cheap UV filter with the film applied may be your ticket.

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That’s the one, for some reason I thought she had a gun held up… :bigsmile:

But somehow a diffuser for a TK 70 sounds to me like a trailer for a Ferrari.

Thanks for the opinions. I found a huge big-gulp style styrofoam cup and then cut it out so I had a ring. I then took a kleenex, cut it down some and duct taped it around the edges.
Not exactly beautiful, but it makes for a pretty good, well fitting, easy-to-remove diffuser. :slight_smile:

Is a Germany-made 8”x10” vinyl diffuser good enough? Vinhnguyen54 is selling it over at CPF Marketplace.![](-Diffuser-Self-Adhesive-Vinyl-1-25-Per-4-quot-X9-quot-Sheet":

Phaserburn, whom I bought from, also sells German diffusers at 4”x 8.75”. You would have to ask him if you can get a single sheet larger than that.

Rubber Glove

Hmm. Ok that diffuser film looks really nice! And cheap. I might try that out.

lol a blond wouldnt diffuse that u’ll need couple of orangas :slight_smile:

I made excellent experience with the TK70 and a simple styro drinking cup. Just woulnd’t leave it on forever because the plastic COULD melt or the light radiated back to the head COULD be too much.

hahahaha LOL

I don’t know if you’re responding to my post but just letting you guys know it was not sarcastic. It works well and I do recommend it but I don’t use it with the full power on the tk.