TK70 vs TK75 beamshots aiming at the tower

Control shot- 776 feet





Those turned out perfect.

Thank you!! :wink:

is the tk70 beam slightly more intense than the tk75 during your photo shoot? the tk75 has more spill as shown in the branches
at the sides of your pic.

awesome pair of lights. personally i’ll choose the shorter form factor 75.

thanks for the pics. hope to see more aimed at other objects.:slight_smile:

Yes the beam of the TK70 is just a little more intense but not by much. I think the TK75 is the true winner for it’s size and output!!

Nice :slight_smile:
I’m torn between a TK75 and a Terminator.

Where can I get a decent price on a TK75? Any coupons available?

Glen you can contact Shane at The Pro-Tactical Shop that’s where I bought mine $175.00

great shots of obviously great lights

Thanks Rick. Just checked out his website, he's got 1 battery and 1 Fenix flashlight listed, kind of strange. I'll send him an email.


I can personally tell you they don’t get any better than Shane to deal with. Now I will say that I have dealt with some great guys. But Shane has got to be one of the best that I know.\_trksid=p2047675.l2562

They are both awesome… LOL, now to get the TK75 ……

HiDcanada is where I ordered mine from. Should be here any day, pm Ualnosaj and ask about the TK75. I’ve ordered from him lots, since I’m Canadian it works great for me :slight_smile:
He gives coupon codes when they can :wink:

Dayumm! great shots Rikr,very dramatic effect from that angle.This is on my want list!What is the voltage of the battery carrier?are they all series,just something I have been curious about.