TK75 LED's not centered?

I recently received my TK75 and tried shining the beam on a wall approximately 6-8 feet away. The hotspot of the beam seems to be round and centered but the area right around the hotspot is definitely not round and concentric. One side of that area directly surrounding the hotspot is definitely not circular shaped - it almost looks “cut off”. I contacted the dealer who just got in another batch of the TK75’s and asked them to perform the same test. Surprisingly, they told me that they tested 2 of their newly received TK75’s and both exhibited that same behavior! Has anyone else noticed this problem? If not, could you try testing your TK75 against a wall 6-8 feet away (on high or Turbo) and let me know if you see the same thing? I have other 3 XML lights and none of them have this problem. Thanks everyone!

Could you please post a pic of the LED in the reflector ?

At closer and farther is it okay? If they look centered, but look off at 6-8 feet that may be do to the fact that there calibrated too align in a circular pattern further out

Mine is centered and looks fine…

this seems more reliable way of determining centering…

I don’t have access to my light at the moment, but I can remember from looking at the LEDs that one of them is not centered. Does this affect performance by a lot?

3 LED’s:

When I shine the beam further off it is harder to see the problem with the beam but I am concerned that the beam is not really focused correctly and I am not getting a maximum focused beam.

Hmm. So if you shine it at a wall 6-8 feet away (on high or Turbo) and turn the TK75 slowly the “corona” around your hotspot is perfectly round?

I have a Fenix TK35 which has an off center emitter. It doesn't seem affect the beam at all

Though not Fenix flashlights, I’ve got a Sunwayman T40CS (U2) and also an Elektrolumens ST90 both with non-centered LEDs.

Yes it DOES affect the beam - the hotspot will not be as distinct or even, depending on how off-center the LED is.

Yes it MUST affect the throw - but unless the LED is way off center the human eye will not be able to determine any throw differences.

I asked Sunwayman about my off-centered LED when I received it, and they just said that they “do their best” to center it …. ???

myst999 - your LEDs are about as off-centered as my Sunwayman, so unless you’re really fussed with it and your dealer is local (no overseas shipping costs) then you’re better off living with it and just enjoying its awesomeness! :slight_smile:

I’ve stuck with my off-centered LEDs, and in all honesty don’t even notice any problems in real-world use.


What really gets me is that as I mentioned in my original post - the dealer did actually check 2 more lights and was able to describe to me exactly what I was seeing with mine - so I’m trying to find out if this is common with the TK75.

Those 2 were the last ones in the dealers inventory right now so I would have to wait until sometime in January to possibly get a replacement - if the new batch doesn’t have the same problems that is. The dealer is “local” to me as he in the United States as I am - so sending it back is not a big deal.

I will definitely try to get a better centered TK75 in January - but I was interested in finding out if other people have the same issue or are unaware of it because they may not have tried pointing it at a wall 6-8 feet away. My Skyray King has perfectly centered LED’s with a perfect beam so this is kind of annoying for such an expensive light.

I hear ya mate.

I’ve got cheap flashlights with perfectly centered emitters, yet have expensive “quality” flashlights with off-centered emitters … go figure.

You’re lucky that your dealer is local to you mate, so you can swap it over or get a refund! Being in Australia many of my purchases are from the US or China, and most dealers do not pay return shipping for faulty products so unless it is DOA I just give up and cope with it.


Yeah the alignment fairy is a fickle mistress. I’ve had a couple Streamlight led’s out of alignment. My TK35 is slightly out of alignment yet my tk35 clone is well centered
:smiley: craziness I say, craziness :smiley:

Sounds like you bought from a great vendor and there going to look after you. That’s always great to hear

Mine is perfectly centered at 8’–10’ away from the wall.

Glad to hear that there are perfectly centered LED’s without the beam/corona issue on the wall that I have - at least there’s hope for my next one!

If this was a cheap flashlight I would probably just not worry about it, but at this price point I don’t really want to settle for what I’m seeing. Thanks!

LOL @ “the alignment fairy” ! She definitely was out of town when my TK75 was manufactured :slight_smile:

Hey Rikr, your beamshots are great! Could you do me a big favor and take individual pictures of your LED’s like I did and post them so that I can show my dealer what the LED’s are supposed to look like as far as being centered?

Will this work? I am getting ready to leave I hope this helps…

Any chance of getting a closeup of each LED like I did? So each LED can be seen clearly? If not now, then later would be great. I really appreciate it!