I just received my new TM06S and I have to say that I’m disappointed. It doesn’t seem to be 4000 lumens. It appears to be closer to 2000. In comparison with my original TM11, I can’t tell which one has a brighter hotspot. Even with the TM06S being much cooler than the 11 it’s a toss up. In doing a ceiling bounce, once again it’s impossible to tell which is brighter. Comparing my TM16GT to my TM11 there is a noticeable difference in the ceiling bounce. Am I expecting too much? To me going from 2000 to 4000 lumens should make a big difference in a 6’x6’ room. I’m not sure what to make of it.
As far as the rest of the light:
I like the switch, it’s basically the same as the TM11, and I like the blue, but why no lock out? I have noticed that if I loosen the battery cap about 2mm, the light will give one flash on high, then won’t function. But the strange thing is that after it flashes, the switch will flash out the battery voltage. So even thought the switch has power the light won’t function. Maybe two of the batteries are losing contact since they are 2s and 2p. The one set is still powering the switch? Maybe it’s intentional to act as a lockout?
The threads on the battery tube are below average and as I tighten the cap it becomes VERY hard to turn to make full contact. I have noticed that the springs on the battery cap are stiff so that might be the reason it’s hard to turn.
The beam profile leaves a little to be desired due to the 4 emmiter design and I much prefer my Sr Mini with it’s tir lens.
I like how small it is and was surprised by it’s size. But other than the smaller size and a nice 3 lumen low there is no improvement over my TM11. If I didn’t get a good deal on it I would have been very disappointed with the purchase.