TM15 or TK75 or TN30

Hi there…first post…
I think I’ve narrowed choices down to these three for work…
I am a fire officer looking for a light for work. Fire suppression uses are a secondary concern. Im mainly looking for a light for illumination of 3-7 story buildings, overhead wire transformers, tree canopies, medical evals and combative patients. Duration is usually short, several minutes. Size: must fit into coat pocket…about TK40 size is perfect. Budget: Best bang for the buck less than $300(?)
I currently have a TK40 but am looking for a major upgrade and am leaning towards the TK75.
ANY and ALL comments are welcome.

I’m a fire fighter too! G’day from Australia! Did you attend the World Firefighter Games recently in Sydney?

I would say that the TK75 would be the perfect candidate for the job. The K40 would work ok, but the spill is gonna be much better from the TK75 and it probably is going to be just about as bright as well.

My vote goes for the TK75.

I don’t know about the LM15 but I’d pick the TK75 over the TN30.

Never messed with the other 2 but the TN30 is a beast for sure.

I will pick Fenix. It is just me. I believe OP is refering to TM15, not LM15.
I have a TN30. It is a nice light and really compact, but I am not particularly confident about its rotary switch for your application. Feels like dirt can get into it and cause problem.

TK75 is probably the best, definitely the most reliable.

+1 tk75

Yes!! Sorry! Tiny Monster TM15!
Why is everyone recommending the fenix? I thought it had not even been releAsed!
My TK40 has been quite reliable, but there have been several times when it is not quite powerful enough…

because Fenix has good build quality and the light has more throw then the others listed

My reason just solely that it has more throw, And you’d want throw if you want to penetrate smoke.

Yes, that is true, throw would penetrate smoke better, but i think i wrote, “fire suppression would be a secondary usage”. We get dispatched to soo many other types of calls as well. Wires down. Holes in roofs. Broken pipes. Well being checks etc. so im looking for something very utilitarian, rather than just fighting fires. :slight_smile:
Thanks for input!

The shadow sl3 is pretty impressive for the size and money as well

Another solid triple you may want to try and is more compact than the others mentioned is the BlackShadow Darth. 1450 OTF in NW and around 1600 OTF for CW and far more pocketable than the others. Build quality is outstanding. For as much light as the others (or more) go with the SR King. An outstanding light and a steal of a price!

I am also having a hard time deciding between the TK75 and the TM15. Although the TM15 costs about $100 more than the TK75 it has some really nice features like the drop in batteries (no battery carrier), all batteries oriented the same direction so easy to change in the dark, on board charger so batteries can be recharged without removing from the flashlight and a battery status indicator. I have always had Fenix (TK40, TK45, TK41, TK35) and have been pleased with them so it’s going to be a tough decision. I don’t know the TN30 but I think either the TK75 or the TM15 would be an excellent choice.

Btw how do tk 40 and tk41 compare to each other? Tk41 a major upgrade?

Oh, yeah. TK40 is nice but TK41 is a very definite step up. Physically they look and feel about the same but you can clearly see the difference when you turn them on. I think it’s like anything…you can go as far as your money will take you and at some point you have to say, “How much do I need?” To be honest, the TK40 is a great light for my particular needs but we always want “more.” I think 2400-2600 lumens puts the TK75 and the TM15 in a different league and I’m going to make the leap. Not because I really need the higher power but because “more is better” and I can afford it. Plus there is the snob factor :bigsmile: But that will take me to my limit and I will focus on other toys like better lenses for my camera or the latest iPad or custom hiking boots or……

Fenix TK75 review (tones of pictures):

With several beamshots comparisons:

Jeez, tk75 illuminates the building in the rear FAAAAR better than any of the comparison shots…

Yea, i have the tk40, and there have been numerous times it has been insufficient. So i ordered the TK75. Those beamshots in the previous post are great, although im not totally familiar with those lights with which it is being compared. Hope it meets expectations.