Tmack. Hello fellow addicts.

Hey guys and gal. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using information from this forum for a while now, and thought I’d join.
I’m the proud new owner of a BTU Shockervn, Tk75vn killerthrow, Mx25l3vn, D40avn, Convoy m1, and soon to come Tk61vn. All acquired very recently, and am having lots of fun comparing, and seeing what these lights can do.
I originally build lasers, but found led lighting just as interesting, and was recommended to mountain electronics, which in turn led me here.
Hope to see some familiar faces and have some fun.
Thanks for a great place to learn.


Welcome to BLF, Tony! :party:

Welcome Tony! I know the Baltimore area well (or at least used to); I was born and raised about 30 miles west of Baltimore.


Welcome aboard Tony. That is a first class collection you have there. Are you the same Tmack that is on LPF?

Welcome! Tony has been great to talk to and I know that he brings with him a lot of experience!

Welcome Tony, that is an amazing start in flashlights, I started way more humble (a ultrafire 501b, I did not even know that it was a p60 drop-in host).

It's nice of you to join us, Tmack!

Welcome to this side Tony.

Hey Tony do i know you from somewhere? lol

Welcome to BLF :slight_smile:

welcome to BLF :beer: :beer: … what an amazing collection of “first” lights you got there :heart_eyes:

welcome bruh, thats one sick ass collection you got there homie. your gonna fit right in

Hi and welcome Tony. Do you have a nuclear power plant nearby powering the lights you have? Nice collection.

Welcome, Tmack!

Welcome aboard! Will you be someone I can ask about modding or building a 50 or 30 mw green laser. (Is it supposed to be mW?)

Man lots of familiar faces!

Very excited about broadening my knowledge /collection.

Thanks for the warm welcome. More than I can say for some other forums lol.

Vinh’s tk61vn just clocked in at 622kcd! The new king is crowned.

If you need help with a laser drop me a line


Haha, how many different places would you like to talk jmpaul :slight_smile:


I think next step is a sweet little edc… Now I carry the d40avn but it’s a bit large. I do like titanium (surprise) but wanted something a bit smaller than the d40avn but a bit larger than the “finger” size lights