TMART am I being conned?

So I ordered some lights on the 8th April and as yet have not received any of them. It’s now past the 45 days that TMART say they will give a refund.

I have spoken to TMART several times and every time they have asked me to check with my local Post Office. I’ve been down there 3 times and on all occasions the parcel has not been there.

So I felt there was no option to open a dispute with PayPal.

Now TMART are saying if I close the dispute they will give me a refund and that they cannot give me a refund until I close the dispute as PayPal have frozen the money.

Reading various forums it seems that any seller can give a full refund at any time despite a dispute pending and in fact if a seller gives a refund it closes the dispute automatically!!!

So my question is what is TMART up to asking me to close this dispute? Are they stalling me? Why don’t they just give me the refund their terms and conditions say I’m entitled too???

Are they trying to con me??

What’s your thoughts?

I wouldnt close anything till I had cash in hand.

I doubt it - I had a very strange transaction with these guys a while ago, half the stuff arrived, then it was emails flying back and forth, live chat sessions (difficult communication) but eventually the second half of the goods arrived, (from the US strangely enough) so they came through in the end.

Good luck!

But yes, what Dale said :wink:


Trust Paypal dispute more than TMart

Thanks for your answers guys.

I just find the whole experience with TMART a bit dodgy.

Only give a refund after 45 days which happens to be the time that you have to create a dispute through PayPal.

Wont give me a refund until I close the dispute.

tracking number doesn’t give me any information as to where this order has gone.

Way too fishy for my liking!!!

escalate the dispute to a claim… you will get your money back


At least from my somewhat limited experience with Tmart (only for stuff from their U.S. warehouse), I don’t feel like they’re likely to be trying to “con” a customer, at least not intentionally.

Also, you might want to PM Sherry Ye, who posts here on BLF occasionally. I think that she’s responsible for customer problems. She’s been really helpful (and friendly), esp. in a recent situation I had, and helped get a refund for a return, and then subsequently getting a “good” HD2010 (actually, as far as the HD2010, I’m not sure if I just got lucky or if she made it happen, but either way, I was happy with the end result :)!)…


^ This.

Tell paypal the merchant is requiring you to close the dispute before they will issue a refund. That is against PP terms of service and could get Tmart removed from accepting PP.

Just get ur money back. You shoulda gotten a tracking number in a week or two. I mean they are US based warehouses. Unless ur buying out of stock items that are in China.

Paypal freezes the refunds to assure that you CAN receive a refund. If you close the dispute, you lose that leverage. That is not to say TMART will not refund you - I have no idea. But they are not forced to at the point.

There is an option within the Paypal case for them to grant you a full refund. If they chose that option the frozen funds are released back to you. Perhaps they are not familiar with that option.