TMART - Black shadow Darth clone? $44.86 / TrustFire TR-J18 7xT6 clone $43.18

coupons dead

use coupon code V9 to get $9 off of $50

This one certainly looks like the darth but is unbranded so not sure what it is?
CREE 3XT6 3LED 18W 3800LM Aviation Aluminum Flashlight Torch Deep Gray

And no trustfire branding on this in the pictures so a bit unknown what you will actually get quality wise, would definitely recommend a live chat if you do order this and say you don’t want the batteries/charger sending
-TrustFire TR-J18 CREE 50W 8000 Lumen 7 LED 5 Modes Flashlight Torch with 18650 battery and Battery Charger

~~they do also have some other J18 that may be actual trustfires at $61 or $52 with the coupon

Actually looks like they’ve dropped the prices across the board on flash lights, still a tad high on most though but still worth a look while the coupon is valid

Anyone know more about the unbranded darth clone linked above?

I don’t think that anyone has bought an unbranded darth yet, I did look when I listed this but couldn’t find any more info unfortunately