Tmart HD2010 Group Buy - Come here and sign up for it please, this is the sign up thread - closed

I will get two or three, by doing it this way we can also use our Tmart points and get another $2.20 off.

Oh I’m up for one!

I’m in for 1!

hmm… don’t need another light, but HD2010 for this price? sign me up for 1 :smiley:

I’m in for 1 too…

5 pieces for this price!

Two for me!

I will take one too

i’ll take one as well! don’t have a HD2010 yet…

1 for sure, maybe a 2nd

Thanks OL, for much more than a GB but a GB with lessons/workshop. I just might be able to pull this off.

I am in for 1, don’t HD2010 yet. Thanks for the GB.

I assume this will hold protected Panasonic cells?

In for a piece. Nice price + pre-review, this is how you do GB. Thanks OL.

I’m in for 1!

I’m in for 2 pieces. Thanks for organizing :slight_smile:

I am in for one thanks

better make it two

Put me down for one.

Count me in for one- thanks

Thanks OL!

Put me down for 1 and thanks OL for the GB.