TMART weekly deal - discount codes

Update 11/13:

Just got this code today in an email: FL33 (10% off all flashlights). Can't find an expiration data in the email on this, but it does say:

"only for you" (i.e. me). Wonder if they are truly restricting it by login...

Yes.. very nice deals.

don`t forget the $5 off $30... I think coupon code is T5

then you can just buy 1 HD 2010 for $26

The T5 code expired according to the emails I got, didn't try it though.

I just tried it, and its still working...

T5 for $5 off $30

Wow, cool! This was in the email I got:

coupon code :T5
Expire date: Oct. 18, 2013(EST+5)

Funny, I just saw the coupon here:

didnt mention any date.. When I just tried it, it showed the price with the discount coupon, so it should still work.

Interesting - near the top on that page it says 10/24 expiration, and a limited # of coupons, so, I assume if purcahses using the codes exceed the limit, then won't work anymore.... Updated the OP...

Link for the HD2010’s please? I only see ones at $34 and $35.

Does Tmart not have grey ones anymore? I really like the color. :~

Ahh - please search for "HD 2010" with a space. Think US warehouse is out of stock for the ones I ordered. This was my favorite:, but no longer in US. Other guys posted problems/issues but the last one I ordered a couple fo months ago was the good East-092 driver, and in exc. condition.

Just odered this one:, when it had US stock, should be here today or tomorrow.

I like them better in black - got 2 gray, 1 black, ordered another black.

This one is US:

Awesome, thank you.

I was indeed searching them without the space and wondering that. :slight_smile:

Anyone know where to get a spare reflector? I rubbed mine with alcohol too hard and the reflective coating pealed off. :frowning:

No, but if you find where, let me know! Shame because appears to be the same reflector used in several lights but no one sells them as a part. Can't even find a LED plastic alignment piece that would fit a HD 2010...

Will do.

I stumbled upon this thread: Where to get a new HD2010 Reflector?

as well as the corresponding store message:

But seems like no one wants to sell them separately.

Which other lights is the reflector compatible with?

T08's, T13's, T16's are all really close, just not sure if it's an exact match. Some are plastic, some aluminum - T13's have come in both plastic and aluminum.

Got my TMART HD 2010, TangsFire branded black one yesterday shipped from US - exc. condition, East 092 driver, not bad... As shipped, the pill was loose and had intermittent contact causing flaky operation though. Too busy working on the VOB copper pill upgrade last night, so didn't fully test it by tightening up the pill.

back again, this time with $6 off $30 orders

you can use it once per account you create :wink:

Curious, where can you tell if they have it in US stock or not?

Nevermind, I was blind for a second there.

Edit: New coupon can almost apply to Sexy 2010 Pirates Detective Cosplay Masquerade Theme (Got this in results searching for hd 2010, lol). Couple $ short though. :_(

Must be expired again, I just created a new account and can’t use and Tx or Vx for a discount. (tried T9-T1 and V9-V1)

New code came today in an email, but not sure if it applies to everyone... See the OP for details.