TN31 & K40M same $$$'s - which one?

I was about to cough up the $$ and get a Thrunite TN31 ($89) but Banggood have a flash sale on the Acebeam K40M ($85) so for the next couple of days the TN31 and K40M are near enough the same price.
I’m after a thrower (with some spill - not a pencil beam) and the TN31 just comes within my budget - from reviews I’ve seen it looks as though the K40M is not a bad thrower either - not as good as the TN31 but it’s also brighter overall.
I note that neither of them include the aluminium case that they were first marketed with.
Is there any good reason to go for one over the other (build quality/electronics/usability/reliability etc) or is it just a matter of personal preference - which would you go for?

They’re both made by the same OEM company, and even the drivers, battery tube, and body are interchangeable. The TN31 is a great thrower, but the K40M has more overall output as you said.

A thrower has a greater wow-factor and I think you might like it a little bit better. But it all comes down to personal preference of course. The K40M might also have a nicer warmer tint.

Thanks - I didn’t know that.

The TN31 is available in CW and NW tints - I’d opt for the NW - is the tint from the K40M considered to be nicer?

Some say the tint of an MT-G2 LED is better than a NW XM-L2, and it’s definitely more natural looking than a CW XM-L2.

It’s not a huge difference, but some are really picky about tints, although I’m not one of them. I didn’t realize the lights are now so much cheaper. They used to sell for twice the price, but I guess the lack of a nice case slashes a couple of dollars too.

The TN31 has the same throw as the Maxtoch 2X--a light I love, btw, and which can be had for slightly less through Amanda. The K40M is an amazing light--way brighter and with a beautiful - dare I say, perfect? - tint.

K40M is much much more practical for 99.999% of people. It's brighter, has excellent beam pattern, with lots of spill, and still plenty of throw. It's also easily twice as bright, and smaller.

I love throwers, but if I had to pick one light of the two it would the the K40M hands down.

It all depends on your priority.
The K40M has a beautiful tint, great UI but it tops out at about 62kCd in the throw department.
If throw is your main concern, the TN31 does 112.8kCd ( here! )
So the TN31 would be the obvious choice.

Personally, I would go for the Acebeam, but that’s just me
(112.8kCd is not nearly enough for me when it comes to throwers)

I’m in the same predicament as the OP, but I’ve been torn between the Maxtoch 2X and the TN31. I never really considered the K40M though. Rusty do you like the K40M over the 2x?

I have both and K40M is my favorite of those.

Maybe because I have better thrower than TN31, modified K40 (dedome, resistor mod etc. ~400kcd) and it's smaller too.

K40M all the way baby, great light.

Login, are you planning on modding whichever one you buy? That may weigh in on people’s preference. I’ve seen the Maxtoch 2X put out ~350kcd after a few modifications.

^ The Maxtoch 2X looks like a fine light, but it's throw potential is pretty limited with just a 68mm (or is it 63mm OD) head.

Personally, I would recommend saving a few dollars and getting a TK61. I see them all the time for a little under $130 on ebay/ali. It has a much larger reflector and holds 4 cells. So more throw, heat sinking, current, and run time potential. Much easier to modify too. If you find it too pencil beamy, you can swap in a MT-G2. The TN-31 won't really have that option as it has a magnetic ring based driver.

Exactly what he said! K40M way more practical specially around the house, the farm,camping and such, you want to light up all around you at night!

I can tell you this...The Maxtoch 2X has the advantage over the TN lights in that it is more duty-fit in form and function. I love it and would put its functionality and/or quality up against just about any of the mainline brands. I have duty-carried it for a while now and it happens to be a stock option that is 3+ amps and can out-throw or hang with any of the big players. The TN lights are too hard to unholster/re-holster, turn on, and wield, which is why, as I see it, they come in behind the 2X. They are great general-use searchlights, though, with better runtime.

As for the K40M, I hated selling mine, but it isn't really fit for duty carrying. But people are getting 2,700+ otf lumen measurements in repeat tests, and I can testify that its uses are dang-near endless. All-round, it is a must-have light and a best value simply for its functionality.

Rusty, you’re not helping man… now I want to buy all three :party:

ImA4Wheelr, now you got me looking st the tk61’s… is the output worth the extra money? (I’m looking for a pencil beam)

lol Hey, take a number and get in line...I've had to dial back my light expenses MANY times (even recently).

As a thrower fan gone crazy myself, you would want to go with the Maxtoch 2X since the K40M's reach isn't "pencil-ish" enough for most thrower-lovers' tastes. But heck if the M doesn't reach waaay out there and offer great satisfaction when I light up a remotely nearby wall or object. When pointed at, even darker colored objects will glare back with searing retinal pain from that K40M on its two highest modes.

But in all seriousness, the problem with thrower value is that you soon get to a point where you lose bang-for-buck because the beam throws beyond what you can make out with your unaided eyes. So in that case, it makes more sense to just get a few useful throwers and use them to your satisfaction. Eventually (except in cases of extreme and expensive modding), you'll soon reach that dreaded point of diminishing returns. Sucks, huh?

Yourrid wrote:

. . . ImA4Wheelr, now you got me looking st the tk61’s… is the output worth the extra money? (I’m looking for a pencil beam)

To me, the price for the TN31 and TK61 is not much different. So yes. The way I look is that emitter and driver technology will continue to march on. You can change those in most lights. It's hard to change the following:

  • Reflector diameter
  • Surface area and mass
  • Battery capacity

I don't have a TK61 yet. I'm mostly going off what others have said. Especially RaceR86. I think he said it is his best thrower.

I’m a thrower fan indeed, and my modded HD2010 is still fun, but now I’m looking to get one that will make the HD2010 look like a kid’s play toy. To me, form factor doesn’t matter; it can look like a briefcase as long as it pumps out 400kcd J) . I’m still in the learning stage of modding so flowing on new emitters or milling aluminum spacers is beyond my ability. Which is probably why I tend to stray away from the lights with magnetic rings on them. Swapping drivers, stacking chips, changing out wires and braiding springs are within my limit for now.

I haven’t found my limit on diminished returns (although my wallet seems to have found its limit)

What you said makes perfect sense; I’ll always be able to drop in a new LED, driver and batteries and keep up with the technology. Looks like I’ll have to snag a TK61 the next time I find one on sale.

It is ALL about preference as we ALL know! I prefer THROWERS. All of mine are modded.

I have a OSTS TN31mb certified at 470Kcd!

TK61 stock is another nice one- 170Kcd,mine is modded and is ~750Kcd! :open_mouth:

TN32 Stock is 240Kcd and is $150 if u go to the right place!

O gee, my two favorite lights. Don’t listen to previous recommendations, If you don’t have sufficient cash borrow some from friends and get them both, you will be twice as happy, trust me, you will thank me later :wink: