TN32 or TK61

Ive got a nice collection of $10 to $50 lights, but lately ive found myself buying more expensive lights, ive got a btu shocker, tk75, and a tn35 on way, im gonna get 1 more premium light, and was thinking about a dedicated thrower
So its either a TN32 or TK61
it will be my last light of this price range for a while, so which one’s better?

TK61 has aot better runtime.

TK61 modded is unbetable thrower.

TK61 has quite a bit bigger reflector.

TN32 has more throw on stock.

TN32 has control ring.

TN32 has more output.

Build quality should be similar or equal, TN32 is around 30$ more expensive as well.

If you use it on stock TN32 would be more powerful option, but i would go for the TK61 personally, i have it and its an AMAZING light. But you cant go wrong whenever you pick….

+1 to the comments above.

Also the TK61 is a physically larger light if that makes a difference. Albeit 50gm lighter which I would assume is because of that big chunk of copper in the TN32.

If you're deciding between stock lights, and have no plans to mod them, the TN32 is the clear winner. It has a lower mode, more modes overall, uses one battery less, which makes it much nicer to hold vs a 4x18650 tube, is much brighter, and as a result has more throw.

Personally between the K40, K50, TN31, TN32 (which is basically just a boosted TN31), and TK61, IMO the K50 is the best.

I just received the TN32 and immediately noted one PITA item on mine. The battery holder as received is very choosy about what protected 18650 batteries are short enough to fit. Anything longer than 68.4mm battery length was a no go until I disassembled the battery holder and added washers to the ends of the 4 rods to space the ends further apart. It can now hold batteries up to 70+mm length.

Unless you are prepared to modify the holder or limit yourself to only a few protected battery sources go with the TK61.

Soshines fit (tightly) as do Tenergys but the Tenergy batteries are IMO not the best. I have heard that Eagletac and AW protected batteries are also short enough to fit but have not personally tried either.

Oh i should add that the battery carrier on the 61 is imo higher quality….Fenix make imo again the best carriers.

In terms of quality, I agree wholeheartedly, the TK61 wins out.

Daaaaam you guys aint helped 1 bit, im more undecided now than ever
I was originally leaning towards the tn32, now im completely undecided


Definitely not gonna mod
I would prefer 4 battery carrier
I do like the look of the tn32 more
Plus it’s little things like the case the thrunite comes in as well
Plus I like the low low of the tn32

In the spirit of flashaholism... get both, sell the one you like less.

I would add that my background is electronics and computers. Also I am a hobbyist machinist so the disassembly and minor modification of the TN32 battery holder was more of an annoyance than a big deal but it still was a PITA item and I was lucky to have the washers on hand to do the modification.

BTW# the JETBEAM RRT-3 has a different problem. The body is bored small enough so many batteries once installed in the carrier are a bit too large in diameter to allow the carrier to drop into the light and I am not going to force things as damage to the 18650 cover plastic could be a disaster as far as shorting cells is concerned.

Keep in mind, the TK61 has more concentrated beam (tighter hotspot) the TN32 hotspot is bigger.

I think the tn32 it is, but I really like the head on yhe tk61
Does the tn32 have more spill?
Plus im not that kean on the buttons on my tk75, nothing wrong with them just not kean on em

Per a test on CPF by Selfbuilt of the TK61vn which compared it with a stock TK61 and a TN32 the TN32 had the most spill of the three. This was based on long range beam shots of all three.

In the CPF review, the TN32 was measured at 190.000 cd, not sure if thats worth the price difference, runtime, a bit better build quality and the carrier advantage. But the TN32 is FAR from bad light.

It's mainly the lower modes, and smaller size that make me lean toward the TN32.

Again, if another option can be accepted, I strongly suggest the K50. Especially if you get the light modded.

I was going to get the tk61 myself, but got the thrunite tn32 instead and u know why? Well because my friend surprised me and he bought a fenix tk61 after talking to him about this model, which we ran against my tk75 [xml2] in an open field and although the tk61 out threw the tk75, just wasnt as bright as i expected. The thrunite is way brighter and throws a bit more and comes with a nice case and holster.This is my first thrunite branded light and i can say the build quality is equal to, or better than any of my 20+ torches. One other thing it has a very pleasing bright white tint, with no green.