TN40S NW, what K?

For those of you who have a TN40S with NW, what is the tint like? 3500K, 4000K or higher? I was hoping for around 5000K like my L6 but have not had much luck yet with NW otherwise.

Im also curious, keeping TN40S on my radar…

I've ordered a CW but there is still time to change to NW if it is not too yellow. Posted this on two forums hoping for some replies!

I Have some Thrunite at home. Every one in NW and the TN4A Ti3 TN42 are all around 5000 K with a beautiful creamy white.

The Tc20 NW has a different tint cause of the led Xhp70.2 That has some tint shifts and I could give it at a mean of about 4700K.

I’m pretty sure a tn40s should be around 5000K without tints deviations.

Thanks, just what I needed to know