after over 7 long months of waiting

my DEFT X is arriving today

900kcd of pure awesomeness

Beamshots or it didn't happen. :bigsmile:

Looking forward!! :slight_smile:

Congrats man, 7 months!

No way!!!

For those about to rock ……………… We salute you !!!

24/7 sunlight for your neighbors! :smiley:


5 hours till i get home!


I can feel your excitement all the way here.

Wow, I’m getting excited as well. :smiley:

What if your TN31 is brighter? :bigsmile:

Congrats on your new light! :party: please post comparison beam shots against your other high powered lights

WOW!!! I don’t even have any lights yet. Should I quit now while I can still escape? :bigsmile:

Yes, run now! Your wallet will thank you! ;)

welcome to blf moonface

That light sounds highly illegal. Better forward it on straight to me for inspection. Please don’t even open the package. Just send it

Sounds crazy :slight_smile: Is this LED?

Yup, I think it’s an XP-G2 driven really really hard with an aspheric lens and a Wevean (?) collector.

That sounds scientific :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing what it can do.

i think its driven somewhere around 3-3.3amps

yes its an xpg2 de domed with wavien collar (effectively doubles surface brightness)

That’s for the correction. :smiley:

I’m sure you’ll fancy the light.

MMMMM Deftx………cghahhhhhhhhhhghghhhahhh