Today sucked pretty bad

Thanks Crinklecut, Your right “it was” I just didn’t get to meet em

More than welcome, sorry for your loss again.

My brother and his wife went through the same situation several years ago with her first pregnancy and it was very hard on both of them. I have no way to understand what you are dealing with but you have my sympathy. In my brother's case, they went on afterward to have two great children and I think that helped them more than anything else for dealing with the loss...

Life is sacred.

Rene Fleming; Casta Diva

Music is a gateway to healing.

Done pm if you want just to get so e minor info Rudy

Back at the hospital today, she was feeling dizzy as the blood is leaving a little quicker than expected. Ambulance guys where awesome, and kept the mood good

Hopefully she can get a dnc before tomorrow, otherwise we may be he here awhile

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers, talking about it has helped me to be the rock my wife needs

So very sorry for your loss. 32 years ago this month I was there.

All I can say to you is it never...and probably shouldn't go away. You will never get over it. It hurts less with time...but hurts. Just find a place in your heart to park the sorrow...embrace the thoughts of what "Might have been", Love your wife, Love your life, Love for always "What might have been" and know that tomorrow ...some tomorrow, it will be better. Perhaps that child is holding another child's hand.... Our angels perhaps simply had other duties.

God Bless. Dan.

Thanks Dan, she is stable we are waiting for our turn with the doctors for a D&C.
The grand parents are going to bring our son in around noon to lift her spirits. Hopefully I get to bring her home tonight.

Thanks again for all the positive energy and praires i love you all my flashaholic family :slight_smile:

Just hang in there, stand firm and know that your newest lil Angel is in a Glorious place!

My sympathies go out to you. I’m sorry for your loss :frowning:

My first wife had poly cystic ovarian syndrome. She/we lost the child very early in the pregnancies. I lost count of how many times this happened. Just to painful to count. My former wife had an “experience”, vision or revelation where she saw the children joyfully sitting on the lap of one of our deceased parents. This image has brought me much comfort when they cross my mind.
My prayers are with your family!

I am truly sorry to hear this, best wishes to you, and i think your wife need a good rest.


I am tremendously sorry to hear about your loss. I know nothing anyone can say really dulls this kind of heart ache. The one and only reason I offer any suggestion at all is because you asked specifically about the grieving process.

About twelve years ago my cousin and his wife were trying to have their 3rd child. Anne carried there son to nearly full term when the unthinkable happened. They are both exceptional parents and well knew how to care for her during pregnancy. The miscarriage was of course no fault of their own but this does little to ease the writhing emotional pain they are both in.

They decided to do exactly as you mentioned, to both name their son and have a funeral for him.

I know its impossible for you not to feel cheated right now because lets face it you got screwed. But the fact is though you never laid eyes on him or her your child is a miracle and your love for your baby is very real.

I cant say for sure how long it took for my cousins family to heal, but I still see them often, and to this day their children speak fondly of having another bother who is in heaven they will one day meet for the first time.

I will pray for you sir.

Very sorry to hear of your loss mate.

While I have not experienced what you are now going through, I have had to deal with a lot of loss in my personal life, my partner and my parents. It is never an easy thing to go through.

I do remember, when my partner passed away, felling devastated and lost. It was all I could do to get through the day. Somewhere in there, I just made a decision to carry on. I remember starting each morning with this simple promise to myself in the bathroom mirror.

“Today is a beautiful day, tomorrow will be a better one.”

Pretty soon, it now seems, it was.

Without trying to make light of what you and your family are going through, I think it is best to focus on what you have together rather than what you have lost. It is hard for us men to be the strong ones for our families, and yet that is what we are made to do. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.

Stay positive, and may Gods strength blessing be with you.

Do remember that this day too shall pass…

Thanks all, hopefully I can bring my wife home today, once her hemoglobin is better

So sorry to hear of your terrible news CH, my thoughts are with you both.

Stay strong. Thoughts and prayers are with you, and it WILL get better.

So sorry to hear this, but at least things seem to be going in the right direction. Don’t really have any inspirational words. But know that I’ll pray for you guys up there.

Your news brings me a heavy heart. I have been there as well. Everyone has their own way. Time heals. It was a long, hard road for me. Still is. I can only imagine the emptiness in a woman’s heart. -Matt