Tom E Modded Ultrafire HD2010 XM-L2 - SOLD

The light was modded by Tom E. It is the original, "good" quality model, that I tried extremely hard to find when this light came out back in 2012. It was impressive in stock form but I wanted different modes and a de-domed XM-L2 emitter. Now it features 4 modes (Moonlight, Low, Med-High, Turbo) and an XM-L2 U2 1A emitter.

This is a quote from a message Tom E sent me, "Finished the HD2010 – was a bit of a challenge, but got it tweaked to the max, for what I can do. Ended up with 6 stacked 7135’s so 4.9A total, but as I suspected, you can’t get measured amps that high – best I measured at the tail is 4.72A. Getting the de-domed emitter with the 22 gauge wires focused is the biggest challenge, and was able to do that by sanding down the back of the reflector to make room for the wire connections. I can’t use any sort of isolation or insulator because they take too much space, so I very carefully get the solder connection as low profile as possible, so the wire insulation is providing the buffer. Also, you have to back off the pill from being too tight — with your light I found the optimum settings of 1/2 a turn – so if you ever take this light apart, please remember to fully tighten the pill, then back it off 1/2 turn – full tight it’s out of focus where a dark spot appears in 3-6 feet, too loose you lose high amps because of the poor grounding. The de-domed XM-L2 U2 1A looks pretty good – not very yellow at all."

Here’s the #‘s:
lumens: 1,411 at start, 1,363 at 30 secs
throw: 213 kcd, measured at 5 meters

Here's a link to see pictures of the mods he performed:


price reduced and more stats added

Price has been reduced to the lowest I'm willing to go. This is an amazing light for it's size and the price.

Good light and good price. Just keep bumping it every now and then. Someone will buy it after they pay off a couple Xmas bills.

Thanks bugsy, appreciate it!

That’s a really AWESOME price for a “Tom E” modded light. I have a HD2010 modded in a similar fashion from him, and it’s been one of my favorite lights from the start. If I wasn’t already tied up in other lights, I’d scoop this up in a heartbeat.

For potential buyers; these HD2010’s are becoming more and more rare, so get ’em while you can. And I can’t emphasize more, of how high quality Tom’s mods are.

Good luck!

Is this thing a straight up thrower? I’m looking for a new walking light. And what batteries does it use?

It is a thrower. Uses 26650 or 18650 with a spacer/sleeve.
If I do not already have something similar from TomE, I would be all over it. Great deal. One of a kind!

I’ll take it. PM incoming.