Too thin pill spring on dual-channel D4v2?

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that on my dual-channel D4v2 (219b emitters) the head spring is unusually thin and flimsy compared to my other D4v2s I’ve got in the past 2 years (all single channel)

Is it expected?

Here is what I mean: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Not enough space for a bigger one.

There’s not enough space for a larger one.

Anyway, don’t worry: it’s still a low resistance BeCu springs with a small length of wire, resistance of the spring itself won’t change that much.

I’m not aware of any issues.
The spring is smaller to fit the board/components. Hank still only uses good springs.

It used to be a brass pill there on the same pad instead of the narrow spring but then you saw some guys on Reddit complaining that their flashlight cuts power when it is strongly set on it’s tail on the table, basically due to the shock the battery was disconnecting.
Since BeCu is not a strong material as a steel spring is you cannot expect much strong force from it, especially with the wire being thinner than the wider BeCu springs.

Thanks for the input! No more worries about this then!