Tools or Toys: The Whistle Flashlight

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Right now Gearbest has this light on sale for $9.99 marked down from $27 bucks. Which is cheaper than the coupon they originally gave me LOL!




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I watched your video and just realized your on blf. I’m new here… I just got your c8 upgrade parts, the led and driver. I’m practicing soldering before I try to put it together… thanks man for shipping so fast

Thanks for the review
Got one on the way

Let us know how the build turns out :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching…

I like mine BUT for my use as a neckchain light—it’s much heavier than I prefer.
It has enough heft to bruise you if you do physical activities while wearing it as a neck chain light.
That tail magnet really adds weight. My Klarus mi5 is lighter and larger cell…

For 10180 lights—I’m looking at the CooYoo line now.

IMHO-a great value—but I wish they would saw off the tail with the magnet & whistle to make a smaller, lighter package.

Got mine today

I agree with Travis, I think it’s a bit too heavy for a neck chain light or a key chain (unlike the super light and sleek Rofis ER3A which I’m loving right now)

The other thing I’ve noticed is that there is PWM on Low and Medium but I couldn’t detect any on High

Very smooth twisty mechanism

USB charging setup requires the head to be screwed off which is a bit of a pain but no big issue for me

Pretty bright on High

Whistle is a waste of time

Magnetic base might come in handy

Pocketable (maybe for jeans or cargos, bit heavy for lighter pants)

$$ Value - nice build quality, batt included - represents good value for less than $15 AU