Pictures not showing up for me.

I saw the light the other day at Aldi, it would’ve been interesting to see how well made it was but the relatively low output didn’t tempt me. :wink:

I saw this too this morning, but didn’t feel like getting one just to test.

I’d expect that the LED bin is quite a bit higher, probably R4 at the lowest, with the difference from input to output being due to the inefficiency of the boost circuit.

I have a few questions if you don’t mind:

How is the UI? Does it have memory or always reset to high? If either, how long does it take for memory to kick-in or reset to occur?

Is there any sign of PWM on the low mode?

What is the current measurement on low, is it really 50%? Lower would be better imo.

At £7 they look pretty good for gifts at least.

They are $6.99 at our local Aldi. Going to grab a few.

edit… Was looking for a decent AA light for the lake cottage. Hesitant to leave a nice FL with an 18650 up there. Not the highest quality lights, but these will work fine.

There isn’t really much of a UI to be honest:

Off > High > Low > Off

I suspect its a three way switch: My guess for low i is it just switches a resistor in series with the LED and batteries, and operates without the resistor on high.
There’s no sign of PWM on the torch on low, I can’t see any sort of flicker at all,

I’ll go measure the current on low now!

EDIT: The low (50%) current is about 450mA

I miss having an Aldi nearby…

They have a great return policy, and for $7, looks like a decent light ready for some modding…

My very first purchase from Aldi. In the manual it states Led can not be replaced. Thanks William 102000 for posting about this flashlight. It's perfect to leave at my in laws house for when I come over to do work for them. Mine was purchased in Michigan.

any indication of which chinese factory made the light for aldi ?
plz don’t say …. you know who

is anyone planning to run a xhp50 with two 14500s ??

I can not find any indication of who manufactured the flashlight. The pill is all press fit. It has a plastic lens over the Led. Sorry but I am not going to take the pill apart. It will never be the same if I did.

It unscrews very easy.

It looks like it’s asking for a quick de-dome . i almost hope for a funky tint … then I can justify de-doming it immediately…certainly the best light i’ve ever seen at Aldis …now i have to go hit up my local Aldis for something other than their $1.19 pineapples

Be of good cheer, For I have overcome the world .

Picked one up today just for fun . It’s a pretty clean design .ano is what you’d expect on a good budget light like a supfire .the first thing you notice is the 2 modes . You have to make a full click like you’re turning the light off to change modes from high to med . the spacing is 100% high and 50% on low So it looks like high and …on low still pretty high . not enough visual difference between the two modes So all you’ll get is twice the runtime by downshifting immediately to the lower mode .
All the emitters seemed centered in about 15 lights i looked closely at .So the quality is obviously there . no PWM . The light is very floodly when zoomed out . Almost as big as the number #3 walbuys 1,99$ lights after being modded .(one of the wider zoomie lights in flood mode ) There is also thin plastic lens that covers the emitter <<never seen this before it may be part of the pieces they use to hold in the parts surrounding.or holding down the star ….
When zoomed in it is either intentionally not zoomed all the way into the emmitter so there is no square die. i’d say it’s zoomed in about 75%…Probably to keep the the image round since most noobs complain about the square when first seeing it .This lack of zooming in fully and the dumb driver are two of it’s greatest weaknesses

The clip seems fairly strong and well attached in between the head and body … Clip runs backwards …like a light you’d clip over a bill of a ball cap .This is actually the way I like a clip on most lights . The light has no sharp edges and tailstands better than any 2xAA light you’ve ever owned … :slight_smile: … .tint is very acceptable average cool white with no purple whatsoever . it might even become a nice NW tint when de-domed . weight is 120 grams …and with batteries another 30grams or so …

In flood it throws an 8 foot ring on the wall at 8 feet from the wall. it’s a pretty serious flooder right out of the box .
overall the light feels a little like the fenix e21 if you added zoom clip and tailstand … it also has the lack of decent mode spacing the e21 has .

264 said pressed to fit pill but it’s clearly threaded down into the body .what he;’s saying is the driver is sort of crimped in on the base …A very lightweight pill but generally I’d say it looks pretty easy to mod .
If compared to a Sk68 or an sk68 and an ebay light added to make it a 2xAA sk68 than i’d say this light is a much nicer light
///weaknesses are lack of throw and a lightweight crimped pill . <probably not that hard to fix …
overall it’s a decent $7 light that can be picked up locally/
free batteries too.

Good review Boaz :+1: Crimped the pill be. :slight_smile:

so these are in the US? what section of aldi are they in? near registers or in the middle somewhere?

Found in the center isle. State of Michigan.

In the bins / baskets where their specialbuys are, which are generally in the very middle of the store.

I’m in Michigan to and man I love me some Aldi. We shop there every week. I will try to resist this but probably can’t. Funny, my wife just went to to Aldi yesterday and she didn’t mention this to me…

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