… Why?

One reason is that a broken sk68 switch is non-servicable. And how to solve that is a matter of styling :slight_smile:

Until you posted this I actually assumed every part of these clones could be replaced!

The parts inside the sk68 switch are tightly press-fit, not made to disassemble, if you manage to open it usually something breaks, and even if you manage to not break anything it will not re-assemble well again.


I am too much of a noob to know this - but maybe someone else does:
Which light was “the original” SK68, if there was one in existence? Was it better or as bad as the clones? Better to mod / worse - and can the “real deal” be purchased somewhere?

SK68 switches are replaceable. You can buy the switch modules, including the switch and a fresh plastic retaining ring and washer for them. I have a bag of replacements at home.

Kaidomain sells them. Unfortunately the link has an underscore in it and if I try cutting and pasting only half the link appears. But it’s on page 2 of their reverse clicky switch section.

That said. Not everyone wants to spend $2.48 on spare parts for a $5 flashlight, so OP’s solution works.



yup that one.

There was never an original SK68.

Some guy bought a surplus batch of automotive shock absorber cases and miscellaneous flashlight part and stuck them all together.

</tongue in cheek>

Nice work! What thread pitch did you use for the lower wood section? :smiley:

The Nitecore Extreme is what the SK68 body is a knock-off of, the Nitecore however is a reflector based light so not a true clone.

My recollection is Kaidomain also has compatible rubber boot covers. If you’re ordering switches from them might want to get some spare boots while you’re at it.

Ehhh, I got my sister to buy four of them 3+ years back, just to have. They were about $20 shipped from China and while I was back visiting, one wouldn’t consistently fire up, since the tube had an alkaleak leak. I tried sanding things down, but no dice.

I pitched it in the trashcan.


He’s done this just to annoy me :laughing:

I really like this gif!

That said. Not everyone wants to spend $2.48 on spare parts for a $5 flashlight, so OP’s solution works…

You actually spent $5 on this light? Woof!!! I think i got 3 for $10

That being said, hey robin. Does the new switch prevent it from coming on in your pocket?

Maybe not, but it gives new meaning to someone “having a woody”…

We spend £30 upgrading £10 lights around here :smiley: