I would think that sb would not be in favor of this.

He's never restricted newbies before, as far as I can remember.

If someone posts spam, that's what the Mark as SPAM button is for.

Also “ignore” option and mobile layout would be fine, but we can only dream about that with this ancient engine.

Even freedom has boundaries eventually , and new members could be more prone to cross these. But….NO.

1/ This method is used in The Other Forum, and most of our members did not like that.
2/ New members can have refreshing ideas. Deal with it.
3/ If you don’t like what he/she is writing, let him/her know.
4/ I’m treading on thin ice, but if that does not work, there is also a “spam” button.
If more members feel the same, the post will disapprear. I’ve seen it happen one or two times.
5/ If you want it handled formally, there is a “report” button.

IMHO it won’t come to that very often, because most members here are mature adults. New ones too.

The Mark as SPAM button was created so that people don't PM Mr. Admin repeatedly due to spam on BLF.

Umm, I think he suggested no links, not no posts.

Ie, anything that parses out to a link, like BuyMyCrappyTermPapers.com or MalwareInfestedGames.com or whatever.

We just tag them as spam and move on. We normally don’t try and start a movement over it. The shillers and spammers don’t normally stick around too long. We also don’t try and bother SB unless it’s something that doesn’t work itself out. He usually keeps a pretty good eye on things.

This poses a huge problem since image-hosting sites are needed. Someone could be making an account to get help with a technical issue, etc. on a light and would have no way of posting pics that could be essential.

I have been senior gm on an international computer security site for a long time, and we have tried everything many, many times. I think that sb has created a system for the proper balance of spam management and new member welcomeness on this forum. Spam on this forum is not nearly as bad as it could be. Reduction of the coefficient of new member welcomenicity is not nearly as bad as it could be. Everything Is Ok alarm is going off.

Yep, before we had the Mark as SPAM button, BLF had a real spam problem.

Now it's pretty minor.

I think currently the “Mark as SPAM” needs 3 clicks to do anything. Perhaps for new members, one click could send it into a “Needs admin approval” state.

Not nobody.

There's a good chance that I reported it.

I look at practically every new post on BLF, and report all spam that I see.

It just takes more than one or two people to report it for it to go away.

All pics are links (except for maybe emojis), unless you post pics very sneakily and use up BLF server space, which is something Mr. Admin doesn't like.

Just about all images on BLF that aren't emojis or avatars or are super sneaky are hosted on other websites, and are therefore external links.

The image in my signature, for example, is a link to imgur.com

It is not hosted on BLF.

Your internet browser has to access imgur.com so that you can see the image in my signature.

Okay, looks like I got URL's mixed up with links.

This happens occasionally. Spammers will resurrect lots of old post at once and have their spam links in them. Spam bombs I call them. There are usually enough of us on here at that time that we all just click on them and hit the Spam button. 15 to 20 minutes and they are all gone.

Hi everyone. I understand the idea, but I'm too keen on it, mainly since it kind of goes against the main precepts of BLF. I started this site because CPF didn't allow links to Chinese flashlight vendors and required users to practically write in code ("I have a question about KD sku #4432432"). I don't think it would really prevent spammers from posting links anyway, because they'll simply spew out their garbage whether the link is actually turned into http://example.com or simply http://example.com .

I am glad that you did, because after buying 49 high performance lights, I still have not bought any of the USA non-budget lights, yet.

Brands that I have: Acebeam Eagletac Emisar Fenix Four-Sevens Imalent Lumintop Manker Nightwatch Nitecore Niwalker Noctigon Olight Thrunite

I don't have yet, USA non-budget makes: Elzetta Fraz Labs HDS LRI Malkoff McGizmo Muyshondt Okluma Oveready Peak Pelicans Prometheus TexasLumens TNC nor any similar.

I kinda disagree with the new member or low post count before posting up links. I do not have a huge post count by any means but I have posted up links and images. I have also been around here for a day or two. :slight_smile:

Any other forum I am using won’t allow new members to post any kind of link. The post will be deleted automatically even in many places. I don’t believe it is a huge problem on BLF though, the mark as SPAM button works as intended.

Other hobbies or forums have way more spam posters, that is why they have implemented this rule.