Alkaleak vs my desk


Alkaleak wins!

I keep saying they’re hateful little things…

A battery tattoo on your desk. Now everybody is going to want one.

It was one of The Invaders and got killeded. Glowed red and everything before charring an outline of itself into the desk.

Get higher quality cells like Energizer, far less likely to leak.
I’ve had dozens that I kept for 5-10 years and had no leaks.
Plenty of duracell leaks though :frowning:

Enerleakers and Duraleaks are among the worst, short of no-name “free” alkies some places would give away.

Best luck I had were with Rayovac (never had any leak yet) and old green-on-black Rat Shack cells. New orange-on-white Rat Shack cells have had some leaks, but still decent.

I have not used an alkaline battery in 20 years. Energizer Lithium primaries and Energizer Recharge reachable is all I use.

I lied. I use Duracell 9V. I have never had one leak due to the extra wrapping they do for 9V, I am sure they are leaking inside but it stays there.

I don’t use many alkaline cells any more - only in devices that drain cells to 0V and ruin NiMh like single AA clock mechanisms.

With regards to clean up -Baking soda? I thought the general consensus was to use acid to neutralise the alkaline leak??

Correct. Next time try a little vinegar instead. Alkaline battery chemistry is alkaline as is baking soda. Vinegar is the opposite, an acid so it will neutralize the chemicals in an alkaline battery. Just cleaning it up with water works nearly as well.

Boy good thing it didn't land on your clothes or something! :-)

I recently cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer and found a Mini Maglite AA that has been hiding for 20 years or more.

It still lit up! And the batteries are intact, but lodged in the tube.

I’ve been letting it soak, and will allow it to take its time, after being impatient and ruining a 2D trying to extract its leaky batteries.

Otherwise, I’ve yanked the alkalines from the stuff I have left that do still employ them, and aren’t actively in use.

I’ve found that the brand is no guarantee. Both Ds and Es will leak.

I recently had a large pack of Rayovac alkaline AA cells leak within about a year of buying them. Almost all of the cells leaked inside the package, before use.

That was about the exact opposite of my experiences.

I had a long-forgotten 40pak of ROV AAs get unearthed after probably 7-10yrs, all intact, all good voltage and usable. Indoor room, but unused, so hot in summer, cold in winter. That’s what impressed me.

Yet almost every pack of Enerleakers/Duraleaks had at least 1 cell take a dump inside if left unattended a year or more.

i’ve had good luck using vinegar to clean up corrosion, rust and blue copper residue caused by alkaleaks.

You could treat that wood with a damp vinegar cloth to get rid of the baking soda and any alkaline, then after it dries, sand away any dark spots with some extra fine grit paper, then hit it with a shot of rattlecan clear poly—good as new, git ur done.

I don’t even like having alkaleaks on hand. Unfortunately, a relative recently gave me a giant sack of them. The idea was that I was into flashlights so I could use them. It was real Picard-Facepalm moment. I’ve been finding ways to use them up, including giving some away. I’ll be happy to be without again.

It has been a couple of years now since my big transition to Eneloops. The investment was totally worth it. I got the white ones for remote controls, clocks, noted vampire lights like the original C01, and one flashlight where the tube was too tight for Pros. I got the black Pros for flashlights, electric toothbrushes, etc.