Hi,is there a way to change the direction of light reflector in a simple rotating warning light i want to make a round hotspot upon the wall weak or tight i dont care,do anyone maybe knows any tip/trick?

Can someone reply if this can happen or not?

Maybe give a more detailed explanation with some pictures?

Picture of the light so we can see what needs to be done.

Here a picture of the warning light beacon

Lighthousefan, sounds like an interesting project!

Might also help get responses if you give your thread an interesting or descriptive tittle, rather that just a ‘?’.

E.G: “Ideas for handheld/tiny lighthouse warning light”

Or “help with reflector for rotating/motorized spotlight”

Like Twin8 has said.
The more information you can provide the more others will understand what you want and hopefully be able to help.

I want to make weak or tight hotspot its far and upon the wall
a small round hotspot rotating light

Why don’t get a sheet of metal, roll it into a tube and cut it to size and place over the bulb and reflector.

It’s almost finished. Motor drives the reflector around the static bulb. Needs motor and gear.

Ok thanks





Think of how much less the ice caps would melt if all forum topic titles were a single character. Totally useless for the forum, but better for the planet.



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Lighthousefan, are you talking about a Maglite style reflector?¿

No,but thanks for asking