Topping off 14500's?

Just wondering if its bad what I am doing as I want to be as safe as i can. I read its okay to top off Li-ion batteries, but i am concerned with every day use. I typically use my zebralight 14500 battery every night and it usually only uses about 10 percent. So, before I leave at night in the daytime every day, I top off the 14500 until full, for the night in case i need to use the light a lot more and Im using it with my sc52 using burst 500lm mode usually.
Is it okay to top off every day? Or is that somehow over charging? And is that very bad for these batteries? Thanks for any help. I read a thread where guys top off their 18650’s every day, but im concerned with the 14500 mostly, but in any case how about both types of Li-ions? Is topping off on a daily basis a bad thing?

Thanks again for any suggestions


your average charge level is going to be over 90% which will reduce cell life
as long as this is not a problem then dont worry about it
if you want to maximize cell life then i would recharge twice a week

As long as your charger is good (CC/CV) it won’t overcharge. Its fine to keep them topped off. I wouldn’t consider it very bad.

Bort is correct that a battery kept over 90% all the time will age more but all li-ions will age unless you always keep them at 40% charge… and in the fridge at 0°C. You use them, they age.

How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries

i aim for around 80% and room temp (or in the basement) as a compromise

Ok, I see. Thanks for the replies. I am sure i will be buying more Li-ion rechargeables down the road anyways. Cheers


Sorry to ask again, but can anyone confirm for me that my SC52 does NOT have reverse polarity protection? And, what would happen if I put the cell in wrong by mistake? Im just curious to be safe, and really don’t want to post another thread about this. Thanks guys.


The SC52 CW doesn’t have reverse polarity.
And i don’t think the new version SC52 W has it also.

thank you Simon.

There are just 2 possibilities, really…
a) Light doesn’t turns on, but electronics remain alive
b) Light doesn’t turns on, and electronics die

If it really has no protection, you still might be lucky and hit the “a” option… But that’s not guaranteed so be cautious.