Toshiba 40" 1080p HD LCD TV for $179 - USA only

This deal isn’t any good for me but I come across it browsing other sites.

Link here

I don’t know what happens with Black Friday as we don’t have it here, hopefully you don’t have to sleep outside with 500+ people for the night in line then miss out cos they are all gone.

You will have to sleep outside with 500 people, not to mention whatever store has this deal only has a small quantity of them in stock at any given store…think 10 or less per store. A deal like that you may end up fighting for…or worse getting stabbed for.

The expression “body stomping murderous horde stampede of utter losers” does not do it justice J)

They do similar things in OZ but the prices are not as good. From my experience the employees buy them all first and there are none available for customers. Mates son worked at BiG W and that is what happened when TV’s went on sale.

Well that escalated quickly

When Big W had the 50 inch Sanyo TVs for $498 I thought about getting one on my next pay but they sold out in days. Then soon they were all over eBay and other online shops for close to $1000 each.

Its a shame people see it as a opportunity to make money for themselves instead of letting ordinary people get a good deal.

I love Black Friday! My wife (and daughter when she's home) get up well before the crack of dawn and hustle out to find some deals. I sleep in with the dog, get up and make a pot of coffee, have a nice breakfast, read the paper and proceed to do whatever I please until they get home sometime after Noon, exhausted of course. It's like having a free day off from work. I stay completely away from any of the standard retail outlet for the whole weekend.

BetweenRides has it down pat.

When is this going to be available for $179

It says doors open 12am Friday, so I think get there Thursday night before midnight?

it was on amazon today actually, same TV, they price matched, but it was sold out in a few minutes

WHEN WILL US ass end consumers get a good deal ?… keep up nice work spot some more deals in South aus mate ? :slight_smile: