Tried to order from Simon. Now being asked for pics of my credit card, bank statement, drivers license/ss/passport

I ordered the new clear C8 from Simon, messaged him to get the discount, and then paid. All went well.

Then this morning, I got an email from AliExpress:

I click on the link… and they want me to upload a full identity theft kit:

If this is going to be the new norm, I’m done ordering from China. There is NO WAY I’m uploading that stuff. Sorry Simon.

I did not have to show all that to get a working account on Aliexpress, I wonder what is different in your case?

You can try PayPal. Contact Simon to use PayPal might work…

I’d suggest his store has been hacked and someone is after customers information. I’d absolutely never do what’s being asked - and I absolutely doubt Simon would ask it.

Yeah, probably someone with a similar name as yours ordered something and it turned out to be fraud, so your name is on a suspicion list.

It’s not Simon asking for this, it’s the Aliexpress payment system doing it. Just message Simon directly and tell him you would like to pay by paypal

Alipay never asked me for these things, ever. I put in my credit card when checking out and it worked. then there is the payment verification part (I guess the seller has to accept your order?) and then he ships.

I have used both US and Canadian credit cards on different accounts - never had any issues.

Someone pulled that stunt on me recently, pretending to be PayPal and asked me to ‘change my password’. Like a dummy, I fell for it and some clown in Taiwan got about $50 worth of stuff at my expense.

No decent company would ask you to change that information unless they have been hacked. That would’ve been public enough to verify it though.

In this case Aliexpress is asking for verification documents, like Gearbest did early on. I guess they have stopped doing that now.

Looks incredibly suspicious. Bank account? Passport? See if you can notify not only Simon but also AliExpress so that someone can figure out what’s goin’ on and put a stop to it. Schmucks.

Maybe. Being asked for all those docs is very suspicious. I order things all the time without problem.

I wouldn’t do what they’re asking because of the risk of mishandling, but it doesn’t strike me as overly suspicious. They are trying to verify that you physically have the card, not just stole the number from somewhere, and that you are the owner of that card. I worked for a credit card company for awhile. We had access to information you wouldn’t dream of in order to verify owner/user, but being in China I’m sure they don’t have backdoors, so they have to ask for it.

But again, it’s not Simon, it’s Aliexpress.

Just contact Simon directly.

I agree. It’s not an outside fishing attempt, I verified the order is cancelled in their system.

I’m not into helping China hack our stuff.

Talk to your bank/credit card company about this.
Maybe suggest it to Ali as an appropriate way to confirm identity.

The bank can certify your identity if needed, with an appropriate legal document
(basically you go to a bank and they check your ID and create a signed/stamped piece of paper).

If it’s really Ali, they should understand this process already, of course.
That’s what’s suspicious, that they’re not telling you to get your identity verified the usual and appropriate way.

It doesn’t have to be the same bank that handles your credit card account, to get the signature verification.

Remember — any picture of an identity document YOU send can be stored, intercepted, stolen, and reused by someone else who can also send it out.
You don’t want to do that.

I would not ever give out the asked for information.

Alternatively: cancel the order and use another account with a virtual credit card provider as the funding source for alipay. it has always worked for me. (only downside being this service might also need to verify your identity).

My goodness ‘vaughnsphotoart’, that seems pretty wild. :person_facepalming: … “Me thinks” you are a very smart man for not sending any of that info! :slight_smile:
Please do let us know if & when you find out the source of the problem. Good luck ………. :+1:

Oh wait, your from Tennessee?
Are you a VOLS fan??
That might have something to do with it……… ??? …… :stuck_out_tongue: …. :wink:

RTR ………. :wink:

+1 on that

Reminds me of the messages I sometimes get in my spam folder from among others, various members of the Nigerian royal family

Might be thinking we’re simple mountain folk here, but forgot how stubborn we are. :slight_smile:

You know ‘dw911’, I get those same “scam spam emails” from time to time. It amazes me how anyone could be so desperate / gullible as to fall for them… but from time to time people do. :person_facepalming:

Never in a million years would I give that information out. If you do, don’t be surprised if your identity gets stolen.