Triple led, to bridge or not to bridge

Mine came not bridge and i want max output not sure to bridge or not


The mcpcb is not bridged on the triple led, which i believe makes it run in series when bridged, I’m not sure if this effects lumen output, wether it is bridged or not

Whether you run them in series or parallel completely depends on what driver you are using, the input and output voltages, and your battery configuration.
It has nothing to do with “more or less lumen output”

simple answer

3S on a single battery —> no output
3P on a single battery —> a lot light(high drain battery)
3P on 2or3S —> a very bright flash then dead LEDs

if you run a triple of a crappy 8000mAh Ultrafire battery you may get 500-700 Lumens
if you do from a 3000mAh VTC6 you get 3500 lumens

This depends on what LED it is and what type of driver he is using.

17ddm XP-L v5 jaxman, my xpl hi v2 was prebridged, this is going to be a stupid question but what does 3s mean or 3p

the bridges are to either wire em in series or parallel
DD driver you can take my last posting

Everyone starts somewhere. This a great place.

My mcpcb is a MTN electronics one so it seems to be different but i think I’m getting the picture

Does it look something like this crappy cell phone pic I just took?

No it’s white,and the bridges are on the outside, but i just read on the page of this led and it says it’s already in parallel setup, but i wouldn’t have known to look for that before seeing y’all’s slew of good information

The outer pads on those are for the aux XQ-E LEDs.

Bridge would be under the 2 but not needed for just a normal triple setup.

Older version.

Man that’s awesome, can the q5 be soldered on or reflowed?

They could be reflowed along with the main emitters but you really want a two channel output driver.
Finding Cree XQ-E’s can be difficult too.

Reflow LED?? There is a video by warhawk mid way in this thread.

Do some searching there are other.

I have done it with a iron, a lighter and a small torch.

do you have solder paste?

I am confused, do you have a link to your mcpcb?

Ya the driver was my next question, i hav 3 q5 available, i can live without it tho

No solder paste here, and I’m not willing to give up the ddm, at least on this build 3000+ is my only goal for this build