Triple s2+ max sensible current?

So I'm building a triple s2+ soon, one with nichia 219c and one with xp-g3. So I'm wondering since the light will get hot very quickly, but I'll only use high amps in bursts obviously! But what would be the max "sensible current"? Will a blf a6 driver be enough or should I get something like an ld-4 driver?

What do you think? Around 3000 lumens max seems about right ? Can I go higher or should I stay under 3?

Around 6 amps on my triple 219C S2+, gets very warm fairly quickly, about 35-45 seconds. 30Q and 25R cells, both newish (3-6 charge cycles). You can still hot the light after a minute but the beam shouldn’t be anywhere near flammable items for that long (tried it on my black poly-cotton socks and they had a hole in within 1-2 minutes).

edit: forgot it is the BLF driver I am using. will replace it with TA driver series soon.

Probably around 10 amps. You’ll be around 3000 lumens.

For triples I like the eagle eye x6. Can really open it up. Has more mass still easily pocketable. I have one over 3500 lumens. Takes a few minutes to get to hot to hold not 30 seconds and like npw where it’s 20 degrees outside it never gets to hot to hold. Just a good hand warmer. Will kill a battery in 10 mins

My triple 219C gets around 10 amps with a full 30Q, gets hot quick, but it’s ok for a couple of minutes before it gets really uncomfortable to hold. Not the greatest construction, I punctured the original pill with less than ideal tools, so it has a bit of a bump and requires a bit more thermal paste to fill the gaps between the pill and the spacer. Of course, you wont use this setting more than a few minutes at a time anyway, most useful modes end up being moon and the middle out of 5 (around 20% brightness)

I’ve had much better experience, current-wise, with a vct5a over the 30q for multi- emitter lights. Much brighter, imho.

I get a higher current draw as well.

I built a triple nichia in a s6 and triple xpl hi in a s2+, both pull 12 to 13a on the sonys. About 10 on the samsungs. Tried button tops from bg as well as flats from genuinecells on ebay( sells the good stuff, btw).

I only use sonys in my multis now. D4 loves vtc5as too btw.

Also, while I use blf fet drivers in a bunch of my lights, i went with mtn fets for both my nichia triple and hi triple. No specific reason, just so much current, i felt the higher quality would be beneficial, long- term.