Tripple 219C S2+ - Heat management problem

I built my first triple using the following:

  • Nichia NVSW219CT R800 D260 Noctigon triple in parallel.
  • Convoy S2+, braided tailcap spring
  • LD2 driver, spring replaced with brass nipple
  • Solid copper pill from kiriba-ru

MCPCB has an adequate amount of Arctic Cooling MX4 thermal paste, and I’m using an LG HE4.

It’s a first attempt (first time I’ve done anything more exciting than swap a driver and MCPCB), and while it functions fine it does get incredibly hot after a minute or so on max, then the driver flashes and shuts off (which I understand is some sort of protection function). Does anyone have any suggestions for ways I might improve the heat management of this flashlight? I had considered using thermal paste on the threads in the head rather than silicon grease. Or swapping out the driver for something like the BLF A6 FET+7135 as my understanding is the Nichias work better with FET’s (something to do with forward voltage that I’m not sure about yet).

The host is too small. It's as simple as that.

If you change to the FET/+7135 driver, it's going to get just as hot, just as fast, on full output.

Use a weaker cell &/or lower modes.

A shame, it is quite something at full tilt. A shame there isn’t a Convoy S8+ or parts for the M2/M1 to make a triple. As a concept it’s great, but in practice it seems hard to get the most out of one of these.

The 219Cs get hotter than XPG2s in my experience. Try a 8-12 x 7135 driver (3-4.5 A)or as FMC said, a lower output battery.

Using a FET driver?

Replace the 219Cs with CREE XPL HI (I prefer 3D tint). The CREEs won’t pull as many amps so your light will be [slightly] cooler. In addition, your light will be considerably brighter than with the Nichia and will have more throw.