Tritium Instead Of Lanyards

I was thinking about the UV curing today. I wonder if one of these would do it?

Good find, at least for you as I think your mains is 220V?

I recall looking at something similar a year ago and I cannot remember why I did not try it. It might be that at the time I was under the impression you needed something around 254nm, but now we know from crx the higher wavelengths seem to work. I’d bet this would work for you, although with that UV Glue from FT I get the impression you’d have to cycle it a few times. I wonder if those flourescent style tube bulbs would make a difference over using just LED’s?

Edit: I had a closer look at Banggood’s offerings. I see that one problem may be you have to fit the items you’re curing into this device, plus the limitations of that timer. So it made me wonder about maybe some of the other items they have that may work better:

This device allows you to turn the timer off, is 36W so might be a lot faster, used the cheap $2.00 bulbs, but most importantly, allows you to slide the bottom out and place it over the item you’re curing.

This one also seems to be the same thing, it does not show it but looks like you can also slide the bottom out and that switch on it also makes it look like you can toggle the timer off:

Edit: Found more of the same on ALi Express and eBay, and you can turn the timer off, and you can slide the bottom tray out:

Or for less money, maybe one of these Flashlights?

- 12 LED BlackLight Ultra Violet UV Flashlight

- 21 LED Aluminum Alloy Ultra Violet LED Flashlight 3xAAA

  • 385-400nm 9 x UV LED Ultra Violet Flashlight 9 x UV LED Ultra Violet Flashlight

Stumbled across another interesting Wiki regarding treatments for skin conditions. For example, it appears they may use similar wavelengths for treating psoriasis:


I was thinking of putting a trit in my D4V2 lanyard hole ant thought, maybe someone else has thought the same, one google later… Great minds think alike! Think i’m going to try this!

Previous post was 2013. That tritium has almost undergone one half-life by now :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I know! But still! Very appreciated to see someone else have thought the same and shared pictures. Makes me a bit more confident I would succeed.

I still have a jar of leftover trit’s from those days that never got used. They still seem to plenty bright enough that I’d use them if I had a need. Speaking of half life, I also had however, a Marathon watch from the mid 80’s that definetly lost the intensity of the tritium hands, but they outlasted the cheap $2.00 Ronda movement that was inside the overpriced watch.

What do you use for glue?

I used to use Norland optic adhesive and I’ve used all of mine up, but I don’t think it’s available anymore.

The glue they include in the windshield repair kits is a UV cured glue. You can also buy tubes of it from Ali Express if you’re not in a hurry. I think the stuff I bought there was the ‘Kafuter 704RT V’

Windshield repair. Good lead.

I guess you can look at it from either direction. I figure that instead of an overpriced windshield repair kit, you’re better off to make up your own using Kafuter 704RT V UV glue, along with thick clear packing tape, an old credit card (as an applicator), and a hollow, diamond, glass drill bit, for your dremel. If you don’t want to use the sun to cure the glue, you can use one of those UV machines that are commonly sold for people to dry their fingernail art and suspend it over your windshield repair job.

I also just realized that as this thread is old, and you and I know better, so it is probably worth repeating for the benefit of anyone just starting on this endeavour, that clear epoxy is not suitable as a host medium for Tritium vials because it turns yellow eventually.