TRJ-18 options

So I was one of the lucky ones to get a J-18 at Wallbuys for $21.

Really impressed actually, it is not as bright as my 9T6 by a good bit, but the size is roughly that of my TR-3T6 lights.

It’s also brighter with 2 batteries than with 3 :open_mouth:

I added a 1ohm resistor to the sense resistor bank which had a r500 and a 3r300 there.

Tail cap current with 2 batteries is now 9 amps.

For those who bought the KD driver, how much does it pull on two batteries?


i didn’t check on how much it pull… but for sure the light is a lot brighter with 3 batteries than 2 ( even the stock too)
i wonder if there’s 2 version of TR-J18?
PS: with KD driver it is a lot brighter than 9T6 :slight_smile:
but unfortunately the driver goes kaput after about 10-15 mins on high :frowning:

I LITERALLY just finished doing a driver swap in mine, maybe 20 mins ago. I am using this driver.

It’s INSANE now! Pulling ~7.5-8 amps consistently at the tail, at 12.6V. It is the brightest handheld I have ever seen.

I just put 7 XM-L2’s in one and it’s getting the IO driver as well. I de-domed the center emitter for a more neutral tint. It should be pretty bright when I put the driver in tomorrow.

edit: I put it all together and it’s a little bright. :wink:

Just a little bit bright———-er?

this is very good flashlight with good heat dissipation it have 8mm of thickness of aluminum under the leds

but I don’t like the number of the leds, 7 leds are bad number for pwm drivers and 2 batteries

now I have it with 6 leds and pwm driver