True post count

Almost 3000 kreisler. time to start deleting

+1 to my post count.

Is that 9000 number truly true? Wow. Well, whatever the real number, I have to say, if I had to pick ten members who make BLF great, DinoBoy would be one of them.

Forget the naysayers, kreisler, and don’t ever change.

No, you don’t want to stop posting … maybe stop deleting lol

Nice puppy.

Yeah, kreisler is "special" in so many ways.. ;)


WHAT! Over Nine Thousand?, Theres no way that can be right!

To funny :bigsmile:

He is BLF’s Pee Wee Herman! In a good way. 0:)

That article “I was a Paid Internet Shill,” is very interesting. I never thought about how much time and money goes to shilling in the Internet age. Just try to imagine how much of the news are we getting these days are really truthful.

That is officially the longest gif I have ever seen... Funny though.

WTF is up with the post deletion ?

"Special" doesn't even begin to describe it...most of the words that do are not fit for this family-friendly forum.

Very true, to say the least he is an interesting guy who always makes me laugh...

You’d best get deleting krys, posts at 2999….

2.5 MB’s/838 frames worth…

only 2.41 MB


No, ~2473 KB --> 2.414183616638184 MB

Oops, your right.